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27 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Surprise And Delight Your Special Someone

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your Valentines Day partner? Check out our selection of gifts perfect for the special someone in your life!

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Valentine's Day is a day to show your loved ones that you care. What better way to do that than with a gift they will never expect? Here are 27 gifts guaranteed to surprise and delight your special someone this Valentine's Day.

1. Sick of the same old dinner and a movie date night? Put an exciting twist on your next outing with this Scratch Off Card Game - perfect for any couple who desires something different! With unique, creative Date Ideas included in every game, you'll be sure to find fun activities that will take the romance up a few notches. So get ready for some quality time together – it's about to get interesting!

Shop on Amazon: Romantic Couples Gift - Fun & Adventurous Date Night Box - Scratch Off Card Game

5-Star Review: “The rules are pretty self-explanatory, and each card gives you the dollar amount, time of day for the proposed activity, and the amount of time to complete so, you can plan accordingly prior to scratching off the challenge. I got this for my son and his girlfriend to help build a healthy relationship. I’ve always taught my son to never stop dating his spouse in which he has thanked me for these cards because it has allowed them both to step out of their comfort zone and experience new things together, just got my package today. Can’t wait to give them a try. Ohhh my son just told me that he’s going to propose 💍” – Amy

2. Are you looking for something special to gift your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Look no further – hand-casting kits are the perfect way to show them how much they mean! With these crafty gifts, bae can create a beautiful replica of their favorite jewelry or figurine - sure to make them feel extra loved. Get creative with it and give more than just flowers this February 14th!

Shop on Amazon: Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Couples

5-Star Review: “This was A LOT of fun to do with my husband. I had bought it months ago and was putting off doing it for so long because I was nervous about messing it up somehow. As long as you follow the easy instructions, you're very unlikely to ruin anything. Just be very thorough in reading the instructions. Make sure you do exactly as it says. It takes so little time to do as well. If you're hesitant about it because you don't want to mess up, just get it and do it. You'll love the result. My husband and I held our left hands together for our mold, so both of our wedding rings would be in the statues. Turned out perfectly, and it captures all your little imperfections. I have a very small scar that can't be felt on my skin, but it still showed up in the mold. Very impressive. Worth the buy.” – CoyKoiCourtney

3. Valentine's Day is coming up, and there’s no better way to make your significant another feel special than with an original gift! From heart-shaped chocolates to cute bouquets of roses – even Infmetry capsule letters in a bottle – you'll find something that will be the perfect expression of how much they mean. Choose from all kinds of colors for maximum effect and get shopping before it's too late!

Shop on Amazon: Infmetry Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

5-Star Review: “I got this to gift to my fiancé! The glass jar comes in a box with all these little "pills" inside already with a cork top. It's pretty simple to explain; these plastic pills come with a small piece of paper inside them with a gold ring around the paper to keep the paper rolled up. You simply pull the plastic pill apart, take the paper out, slide the gold ring off, and unroll the paper. Then you can write or draw whatever you'd like in it, roll it back up, and stick it in one part of the pill. Then take the pather part of the pill and push them together to put the pill back together. Simple as that. For my fiancé, I wrote all sorts of notes! Some were things I love about him, some were spicy, and some were things i thanked him for and appreciated about him. He loved it when I gave it to him! We call it his anti-depressant prescription! He opens anywhere from 1 to 5 whenever needed or wanted. After he opens them, I keep the ones he's already read separately from the ones he hasn't. So that way when he finishes the bottle, we can take all the old notes out, and I can write new ones for him! It's always fun when he opens them because we never know what kind of note it's gonna be! Definitely a great, cute gift for anyone!” – Heidi

4. Make Valentine's Day extra special by gifting your loved one with something cozy, comfy, and unique! Give the gift of an outdoorsy experience this year — treat them to a sweatshirt. With options ranging from classic cotton-blend fleece to plush fleece pullovers, you're sure to make your partner feel all warm inside!

Shop on Amazon: Hanes Men's Sweatshirt

5-Star Review: “This sweatshirt was bought for my hubby who lives in his sweatshirts year-round. He's a larger guy so likes them roomy, soft and long enough to cover the belt line when bending over. This sweatshirt checks all the boxes and didn't shrink when laundered. We'll be ordering a couple more.” – TLanning

5.  This stainless steel mug is designed with vacuum insulation to keep your bevvie of choice hot or cold for hours. Whether spending romantic winter days together snuggled up indoors, picnicking in the park during summer break, or running errands on-the-go -your boo will appreciate having their favorite refreshment at just the right temperature no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Shop on Amazon: Yeti Rambler Mug

5-Star Review: “The color of this Yeti is absolutely spot on. I wish I could purchase other sizes in the same color.” – Amazon Customer

6. Get your loved one something truly special this Valentine's Day with the Michael Kors Watch! This eye-catching timepiece boasts a delicate yet durable 41mm stainless steel case, silver-tone hands, and a sleek black dial. Offering precision Swiss quartz movement plus a 2-year warranty – it’s perfect for anyone who values style AND reliability in their wristwear.

Shop on Amazon: Michael Kors Watch

5-Star Review: “My husband loves his watch, it glows in the dark which is pretty cool, water resistant, and overall looks great! Definitely recommend” – Taylor burgess

7. Looking for the perfect way to show your Valentine just how much you care? Give them a gift that will last through all of life's precious memories with this top-rated scrapbook album! It'll be sure to make their heart flutter and create lasting moments between the two of you.

Shop on Amazon: T-HAOHUA

5-Star Review: “I like how this came in a box, to begin with and each individual page is separated. It makes it easier to put pictures on the pages. The pages are thick and sturdy which is another plus to this. The cover is like a real book hard book cover. The colors are great and I really like the way things can stick to them. The only thing I had a problem with was the stickers they have you with it stuck to each other. I don't know if it was because they rubbed together and pulled up a bit but the main product is beautiful!” – Doll

8. Is your relationship with your bae unbreakable? Could you swear that you two were always meant to be together? If so, then this special bracelet is exactly what you need! Crafted from crystals and stones known for their powerful positive energy, the Bracelet will bring both of you even closer.

Shop on Amazon: UNGENT THEM Pinky Promise Bracelet

5-Star Review: “My man and I love our bracelets, he is a mechanic and I work in the dental field, so we both work with our hands all day long and so far the bracelets have held up great. We both also have sensitive skin and have no issues with the material. Overall it was a great early Christmas gift for him and I would recommend to any ladies who have a man that likes minimalistic jewelry.” – Julia Cook

9.  Show your love with a dazzling piece of jewelry crafted with sterling silver and featuring an adorable heart pendant! Its accompanying luxurious box adorned will make any day special. With this unique design, you can't go wrong no matter who it's for – making their V-Day even more unforgettable!

Shop on Amazon: Shonyin Dainty Necklace

5-Star Review: “It was giftable for my girlfriend she loved it” – jimmy

10. Valentine's Day is all about spending quality time with your loved one. Make it extra special this year by snuggling up in a supersized, luxurious wearable blanket! Crafted from comfy microfiber and sherpa fabric, this cozy cover-up can keep you warm while allowing plenty of room for cuddles - perfect for three people at once!

Shop on Amazon: THE COMFY Original

5-Star Review: “This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased this item! once for myself and twice more as a gift for others. Once it’s been washed and dried it feels and works the best in my opinion. The perfect cozy item for lounging around the house.” – Alexandra Zucker

11. Surprise your special someone this Valentine's Day with a truly one-of-a kind gift! Cat Socks not only come in an array of vibrant colors, but also sport super cute sloths on the soles. Make your valentine feel extra loved and show her that you care enough to get something out of the ordinary - she'll be sure to give those cat socks two paws up!

Shop on Amazon: Jeasona Women's Cat Socks

5-Star Review: “Christmas gift for my wife, she was very pleased.” – Marvin Nichols

12. Spoil the special people in your life this Valentine's Day with a truly unique gift - an oh-so stylish 3D Decolamp! This showstopper features stunning colors and intricate detailing that will be sure to add some extra sparkle to any home. And, not only is it visually appealing, but its built-in rechargeable battery means you can swoon them over every day of the year!

Shop on Amazon: hochance 3D Rose Decolamp

5-Star Review: “Got the Moon and the Rose for my wife "just because".

She put power to them immediately and absolutely loves both of them. Well worth the money and more!” – Ed

13. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, these organic bath bombs are sure to leave them feeling refreshed and invigorated this V-Day. So give a present of relaxation fit for any occasion - pick up some bath bombs today!

Shop on Amazon: LifeAround2Angels bath bombs

5-Star Review: “My wife absolutely loves these bath bombs! I made the "mistake" of trying to get her another brand for a gift. She was appreciative, but it was obvious she much preferred this brand! They smell great and my wife said her skin is so soft after a soak with these. Just buy them, you won't be disappointed!” – Ricardo J

14. This Valentine's Day, show you and your partner how much love is in the air with a Mug Set! This set includes two mugs personalized with the couple's initials plus one heart-shaped mug to make those romantic moments even sweeter. Pour up some hot cocoa or tea into these special gifts - they'll be treasured for years ahead!

Shop on Amazon: Kedrian Mug Set

5-Star Review: “Bought this for myself and the hubby (we needed new coffee mugs) for our birthdays since we are so close together in days. We absolutely LOVE these! They came and the nicest and sweetest package put in some sort of satin. We absolutely adore that there is a stirring spoon that comes with both as well :) we had already washed our mugs several times now because they’re our favorite to use, and they are holding up excellent. We are going to order another set for our parents as an upcoming anniversary gift and will probably be ordering for more friends ❤️ Ps: for reference for my Keurig lovers, the mug does fit a full cup of coffee on the Keurig machine ;)” – CoreyAT

15. Make memories with your special someone this Valentine's Day! This Picnic Basket is perfect for couples to take on day trips, camping excursions, and more. Loaded with goodies such as a wine holder, fleece blanket, and cutlery set, it makes outdoor adventures even sweeter - plus the easy carry design ensures that you can bring romance wherever you go!

Shop on Amazon: Hap Tim Picnic Basket for 2

5-Star Review: “My husband and I like to hike and explore new places. We also like to pack our lunch and snacks. This backpack is perfect for us!” – Cleta Cranford

16. This Valentines Day, reignite the spark in your relationship with this amazing 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster! It's filled to the brim with special memories for you and your significant other – from reminiscing about when you first met on that fateful day to celebrating each wedding anniversary. And every scratch reveals a fun little fact unique to just you two - it'll be like taking an awesome stroll down memory lane together all while creating fresh moments of connection along the way!

Shop on Amazon: 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

5-Star Review: “This has been a simple fun game for me and my girlfriend. Good ideas and fun to scratch!” – Tyler

17. Valentine's Day just got a whole lot tastier! Gift your sweetie something special: the  Sandwich Maker–the perfect way to make breakfast for two on the go. With no more multiple trips to the kitchen, you and your bae can munch out in record time with its handy timer so you know when those tasty treats are done without having to wait around.

Shop on Amazon: Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

5-Star Review: “This is easy to clean, I don’t need a toaster, frying pan, and more to make a breakfast/another sandwich. Easy cleanup. I’ve made breakfast sandwiches with English muffins and pancakes, and I’ve made hot lunch sandwiches with sandwich rounds. Great little machine.’ -Scott M

18. Let your special someone know how much you care this Valentine's Day with a thoughtful, practical gift - an electric heating pad! From soothing back pain to providing moist dry heat for all types of skin, these pads come in fab colors and have 6 fast-heating settings plus auto shut-off. Plus they're machine-washable so the love can keep on giving!

Shop on Amazon: Electric Heating pad

Review Link: “This is the nicest heating pad I’ve ever owned. This is not a typical plastic pad with a cover on it. This is a soft fleece pad that heats up. It’s amazing. The temperature control is great with 5 temperature settings. It gets very warm, I typically use it on 3 which is plenty warm for me. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you hate the plastic ones sold in stores. I liked mine so much, I ordered 2 more, one for each of my daughters.”  - LMM

19. Does your special someone suffer from chronic neck and foot tension? Help her relax with the Neck Massage Pillow! This incredible gift will melt away the stress by providing a deep kneading Shiatsu massage to the shoulders, neck, and feet - plus an added bonus: a heated foot massager for even more relaxation. The perfect present is here- so go ahead and treat yourself too!

Shop on Amazon: VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

5-Star Review: “This pillow is amazing. I love how it feels like hands massaging my shoulders. The heating element is a plus as well. Puts me to sleep. Love it! Highly recommend, but not for those with thin skin.” – LKB

20. Celebrate in style! These exquisitely crafted champagne flutes are artfully designed to bring European elegance into your home. Match them with a bottle of bubbly for special occasions or give the perfect Valentine's gift - this set includes 2 glasses elegantly wrapped and presented inside an exquisite box complete with the JoyJolt logo. Cheers!

Shop on Amazon: Claire Collection champagne flutes

5-Star Review: “I am trying this kind of glasses for the first time and they were amazing fine quality glasses. One thing I always look for in wine glasses is that the glass should be very slim so that when you cheer they make a ching sound and it was, so am very happy with this purchase” – Rajat Sudan

21. Make your Valentine's Day gift extra special and cozy with Crocs slippers! Keep their feet snuggly warm all winter long with a fuzzy lining, plus the slip-resistant rubber bottom ensures they stay stable on any surface. Comfort and convenience - it doesn't get better than that for an amazing Vday present!

Shop on Amazon: Crocs Unisex- Slippers

5-Star Review: “These are soooo comfortable!! I wear them from the time I get up until I go to bed! The lining is so warm. Are they beautiful? Well, not really, but they are crocs after all! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in these.” – GPrice

22. Show your special someone how much you care this Valentine's Day with a personalized beanie! Finding the perfect gift for that outdoorsy partner of yours can be tough, but it just got easier - give them warmth and style all in one. It features cuffed construction to keep their head extra cozy on those cold winter days — plus, customize initials so they know who's thinking about them!

Shop on Amazon: Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie

5-Star Review: “It's comfortable and pretty warm. There are warmer beanies, but this is perfectly adequate for most winter weather. If you need something heavier you probably already have a couple of hats. This is a good one for the nicer weather.” – M. English

23. Looking for a tasteful and practical gift to show your S/O how much they mean? Look no further - Hydro Flask is the ultimate must-have accessory. This stylish bottle packs durability, leakproof, and convenience perfect for any situation whether it's just running out on errands or having an epic night out!

Shop on Amazon: Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap

5-Star Review: “This product was perfect for my purposes - I wanted a skinny water bottle with insulation. I was between this and a new swell water bottle I had in the past but opted for this one since it had a handle. Over the last few months, it had proved to be leakproof, easy to clean, and fairly well-insulating (I think swell insulation is a little better, but it’s very comparable). I decided to buy the straw cap and I have been drinking so much water with it, so I wish I bought that one first instead of the plan cap. I’d definitely recommend this for the handle and options for the straw cap.” – Nash

24. Show her you care with this stunning Necklace. This necklace is a beautiful artificial sunflower that plays music and lights up when it moves - so romantic! It comes in an elegant gift box, making it the perfect present for your girlfriend or wife. Surprise them today with something special they won't forget!

Shop on Amazon: LOGAZOO Artificial Sunflower Necklace

5-Star Review: “Bought it for my wife's Birthday and she absolutely loved it. She loves sunflowers this was the best gift I could have given her” – Jacqulin

25. Show your romantic side and wow the special person in your life with this dazzling platinum-plated sterling silver "Kate" celebrity ring! Embellished with infinite elements zirconia accents, it's an unforgettable gift for Valentine’s Day or any other celebration.

Shop on Amazon: "Kate" Ring

5-Star Review: “I’ve never been able to wear ANYTHING plated. My boyfriend bought this beautiful, early gift on my account I took my one-carat off black diamond solitaire. None of the ladies in my family can wear anything plated but it was always gold plated. It’s stunning! I LOST WEIGHT so I just wanted you to know it’s safe! My fingers shrank. Size is on point. I’m using Amazon Essentials for everything I see complaints yet if you notice Princess Kate’s ring it may slip around due to the size I love mine! I take it off doing dishes and washing my hands. I think this ring will make it past the return date! I collect sapphires this goes with everything. Buy it!!!” – Angela R Ray

26. Show your special someone how much you care with this gorgeous 3-stone sterling silver ring! Finished in beautiful gold plating, the round design is made with top-quality zirconia that's sure to impress. Give them an extraordinary gift they'll appreciate for years to come - perfect for Valentine's Day!

Shop on Amazon: Amazon Collection Platinum or Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round 3-Stone Ring

5-Star Review: “My boyfriend got this ring for me as a promise ring and it’s amazing. It fits me perfectly and I’ve been wearing it every day for almost a year now. I love it. Men buy this for your girls.” – Rebecca Weekley

27. Bask in the aroma of timeless luxury with Guess Bella Vita Spray! With its signature blend of floral and woodsy scents, this iconic fragrance from perfume powerhouse Bella Vita has been delighting noses for over a century — making it perfect for guys, gals and kids alike. Don't just guess; experience the beauty that is Bella Vita today!

Shop on Amazon: Guess Bella Vita Eau de Parfum Perfume Spray

5-Star Review: “I love the scent so much. It smells great. Soft and long-lasting at the same time” – Andrea Johnson

If you are looking for ideas for Valentine's Day gifts that will surprise and delight your special someone, think outside the box. These 27 gifts will have them wondering what you got them! So go ahead, give the gift of surprises this year!