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23 Climbing Shoes That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Discover your sole-mate: the ultimate climbing shoe for everyone, from newbies to experts!

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As a climber, you understand the sheer importance of having the perfect pair of climbing shoes that provide the stability and grip you need to take on any challenge. But let's face it, with countless options out there, finding the ideal fit can be a daunting task. Don't lose hope, we've combed the internet to curate a list of 23 exceptional climbing shoes that are guaranteed to make you feel like a pro. Whether you're just starting out or already a pro, these shoes have got you covered - instilling in you unyielding confidence and unwavering support to conquer even the most formidable peaks. Get ready to soar to new heights with our handpicked collection of climbing shoes!

Why Climbing Shoes Matter

Climbing is an exhilarating sport that requires strength, endurance, and skill. To perform at your best and stay safe, it is essential to have the right gear, and one of the most critical pieces of equipment is your climbing shoes.

The Importance of Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are specifically designed to help climbers gain better traction and control on the rock. They provide a secure and precise fit that allows you to use your feet-like hands to grip the rock and maintain balance. This is crucial for both safety and climbing performance, as a poorly fitting shoe can lead to slips, falls, and other accidents. A good climbing shoe will also help reduce fatigue and prevent unnecessary strain on the feet and legs, enabling you to climb longer and tackle more challenging routes.

The Key Features of Climbing Shoes

One of the most important features of climbing shoes is their sticky rubber sole. This provides exceptional grip on the rock, helping you stay in control and prevent slips and falls. Climbing shoes also typically have a downturned toe, which allows you to put more pressure on the front of your foot for maximum power and precision. Additionally, climbing shoes often have a thinner sole than regular shoes, which provides greater sensitivity and allows you to feel the rock beneath your feet.

The shape of a climbing shoe is also critical. Different shoes are designed for different types of climbing, from long multi-pitch routes to steep bouldering problems. Shoes designed for crack climbing, for example, will have a flatter sole and a stiffer midsole to help protect your foot in the cracks. Shoes designed for sport climbing, on the other hand, will typically have a more aggressive shape with a pronounced downturned toe for maximum power and precision.

The Impact of Good Climbing Shoes on the Climbing Experience

Good climbing shoes can make a significant difference in your climbing experience. They can help you climb more confidently and with greater precision, which can increase your enjoyment of the sport. Additionally, climbing shoes can help prevent injuries by providing better grip and control on the rock, reducing the risk of slips and falls. With the right pair of climbing shoes, you can tackle more challenging routes, climb longer, and achieve greater heights.

Examples of the Impact of Good Climbing Shoes

Imagine you're climbing a steep route with small, slippery footholds. With a good pair of climbing shoes, you can confidently put pressure on your toes to maintain balance and control. You can feel the rock beneath your feet, allowing you to adjust your foot placement and weight distribution for maximum efficiency. Without the right shoes, you may slip or lose your footing, which can be dangerous and discouraging.

Another example is crack climbing, which requires a different type of shoe than sport climbing. With a shoe designed specifically for crack climbing, you can protect your feet and maintain control of the cracks. You can jam your foot securely into the crack, which can help prevent ankle injuries and reduce fatigue in your feet and legs.

Climbing shoes are a critical piece of equipment for any climber. They provide better grip, control, and precision on the rock, which can increase your performance and reduce the risk of injury. When choosing climbing shoes, consider the type of climbing you'll be doing and look for shoes with the features that will best suit your needs. With the right pair of climbing shoes, you can take your climbing to the next level and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Types of Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes come in various types, each designed to meet the specific needs of different types of climbing. In this article, we will explore the three primary types of climbing shoes: neutral, moderate, and aggressive.

Neutral Shoes

Neutral shoes or beginner shoe are the most versatile and comfortable type of climbing shoe. They are designed to fit snugly but not too tight, allowing for more extended wear and ease of movement. Neutral shoes have a flat sole and a minimal downturn, providing a more natural foot position that allows the climber to grip and smear on the rock more effectively. They are suitable for a wide range of climbing styles, including crack climbing, slab climbing, and multi-pitch climbing. For beginner climbers, neutral shoes are the best choice. They provide comfort and versatility, allowing you to learn technique and build endurance without sacrificing comfort. Look for shoes with a flat sole and a snug fit that is not too tight.

Moderate Shoes

Moderate shoes are a step up from neutral shoes, with a slightly more aggressive shape that allows for better precision and control on steeper terrain. They have a slight downturn in the toe and a slightly curved sole, which helps to transfer more power to the toes for better edging and grip. A moderate shoe is ideal for intermediate climbers who want to take their skills to the next level, particularly on technical routes or vertical faces. For intermediate climbers, moderate shoes are the best choice. They offer a slightly more aggressive shape that provides better precision and control on steeper terrain. Look for shoes with a slight downturn in the toe and a slightly curved sole that will help you improve your technique and take your skills to the next level.

Aggressive Shoes

Aggressive shoes are the most specialized and aggressive type of climbing shoe, designed for steep, overhanging routes that require a lot of toe power and precise footwork. They have a pronounced downturn in the toe and a highly curved sole that creates a more powerful and efficient foot position for better grip and control. Most aggressive shoes are not as comfortable for extended wear but excel in performance-oriented situations, such as bouldering or sport climbing. For experienced climbers, aggressive shoes are the best choice. They provide the most power and precision for steeper sport climbing.

How to Choose the Right Climbing Shoe

Climbing shoes are one of the most important pieces of gear for any climber, whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro. They provide the grip and support you need to ascend even the most challenging routes. Choosing the right climbing shoe can make all the difference in your performance, comfort, and overall experience. In this article, we'll offer tips and guidance on how to choose the best climbing shoe for your individual needs and preferences.

Tips on Choosing the Best Climbing Shoe

Consider Your Skill Level: Your skill level and climbing style will determine the type of shoe you need. If you're a beginner, look for a shoe that is comfortable and versatile, with a flat sole and a snug fit. If you're an intermediate or advanced climber, you may want a shoe with a more aggressive shape that provides better precision and control on steeper terrain.

Think About Your Foot Shape: Your foot shape can also affect your shoe choice. If you have wide feet, look for shoes with a wider last and more volume in the toe box. If you have narrow feet, look for shoes with a narrower last and a more snug fit.

Consider Your Climbing Environment: The type of climbing you do will also affect your shoe choice. If you climb primarily indoors, you may want a shoe with a stickier rubber sole for better grip on artificial holds. If you climb outdoors, you may want a shoe with a more durable sole for rougher terrain.

Factors to Consider

Fit: The fit of your shoe is crucial to your performance and comfort. Look for a shoe that fits snugly but not too tight, with no hot spots or pressure points.

Type: Consider the type of climbing you'll be doing and choose a shoe that is designed for that style. Neutral shoes are versatile and comfortable, moderate shoes offer better precision and control, and aggressive shoes provide the most power and precision for steep and overhanging routes.

Material: Most shoes for climbing come in various materials, including leather, synthetic, and a combination of both. Leather shoes are durable and provide a custom fit, while synthetic shoes are lightweight and offer more breathability.

Price: Climbing shoes come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly to high-end. Consider your budget and the features you need to find a shoe that fits your needs.

Guidance on Where to Find Reliable Reviews and Recommendations

Online Reviews: Check out online reviews from other climbers to see what they have to say about different climbing shoes. Look for reviews from people with similar foot shapes and skill levels to get a better sense of how the shoe will fit and perform for you.

Climbing Gear Websites: Many climbing gear websites offer detailed product reviews and comparisons, along with expert recommendations for different types of climbing shoes.

Climbing Gyms: Visit your local climbing gym and talk to other climbers and staff members about their experiences with different climbing shoes. They may have valuable insights and recommendations based on their own experience.

Consider your individual needs and preferences, and use our tips and checklist to find the perfect shoe for your climbing style, foot shape, and budget. And don't forget to do your research and check out reliable reviews and recommendations before making your final decision.

Our Favorite Climbing Shoes

Time to kick your climbing game into high gear! Choosing the right pair of climbing shoes can make all the difference when you’re scaling a rock face. After extensive testing, we’ve found the best possible options that bring comfort and performance together. No more sacrificing one for the other – this list is sure to have something perfect for any level of a climber! So take a look and discover your ideal companion for upcoming outdoor adventures.

La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing Shoe

If you're looking for precision and support in a trad climbing shoe, the TC Pro lace-up shoe from La Sportiva is sure to deliver. It's got eco-leather looks and Vibram XS Edge rubber sole appeal, with a mid-height cuff sporting ankle padding for those pesky wide cracks.

Better still, the perforated leather upper and ventilated, padded tongue mean you can keep your feet cool while hogging all the attention on the rock. With its great edging ability and comfort underfoot, this is one impressive shoe that deserves more than just a passing glance.

Five Ten Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed for both edging and smearing, and they are great for climbers who prefer a more traditional lacing system. The shoes are made of high-quality leather and have a Stealth C4 rubber sole, which provides excellent friction on a variety of surfaces.

The lined synthetic upper ensures minimal stretch, while the medium stiff midsole offers just the right amount of support for all-day climbing. These do-it-all rock climbing shoes are perfect for intermediate to advanced climbers who want a shoe that can handle anything from technical sport climbing to multi-pitch trad routes.

Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

Designed with precision and style combined, these Instinct VS women's sport climbing and bouldering shoes are the perfect choices for the active climber. With a Vibram XS Edge sole giving you impressive edging ability, a thinner rubber on the sole that provides excellent sensitivity to feel the rock beneath your feet, and durable synthetic materials in an attractive, minimalist design - these shoes offer you all the comfort and performance you need to comfortably conquer your next climb - with a sense of cool style that'll surely have other climbers doing a double-take.

Butora Acro Climbing Shoe

If you're serious about scaling some seriously outrageous-looking walls, put your trust in these specialized shoes. The molded heel cup and sticky rubber sole make for impressive friction, ensuring you won't lose your footing on those delicate yet dazzling holds. And with the added flexibility from the split sole design, you'll be able to experiment with different methods of attack while feeling inexplicably confident as you trek onward.

All that being said, it's important to remember that sizing can be an issue; they run extra tight compared to normal street shoes, so plan accordingly and opt for half a size up! Hear what one customer had to say: "An aggressive shoe with plenty of rubbers... Perfect for toe and heel hooks!" Don't let anything get in between you and a successful summit – slip into a pair of these reliable climbing shoes instead.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed for steep and overhanging climbing, and they offer excellent support and edging ability. The shoes have a synthetic upper and a Trax rubber sole, which provides great friction on a variety of surfaces. With a synthetic upper and Trax rubber sole, the Shaman provides unbeatable friction on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and out. And thanks to the unique "knuckle box" design, that gives a roomy toe box, your toes will stay comfortable and precise even during the most demanding climbs.

While the Shaman does have an aggressive fit, some reviewers noted would to caution against downsizing, as it can be painful in the toe box, especially when you have a big toe. But once you find the right size, these shoes will be your go-to bouldering shoe on all types of rock, gym climbing on modern features, and steep single pitch routes.

Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe

If you're just starting out in the thrilling world of rock climbing, then these shoes were made for you - and no one else! Roping up in them will give you the perfect balance between comfort and performance, courtesy of the 4.3mm rubber sole that knows no surface it can't tackle. And because an adjustable lace-up closure lets you dial in the fit for maximum comfort, your focus remains on scaling new heights instead of an uncomfortable fit.

But wait till you hear about the unique Engineered Knit Technology; offering superior breathability, these shoes mean business when it comes to long climbs! Backing up this feature is a proprietary molded rubber that ensures optimal consistency and durability - yep, these babies have it all!

La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoes

These shoes don't just look great - they make sure you perform your best too. Not only do the Vibram XS Grip2 soles offer world-class friction on all types of terrain, but the "P3" design also maintains its original shape, providing a consistent fit regardless of wear and tear. The combination of leather, Lorica and HF technology plus the LaspoFlex midsole means you'll have strong support and extra comfort when it matters most.

Plus, you can get them on and off with ease thanks to the hook-and-loop closure and Face Lacing System. These climbing shoes are must-haves for those who need optimum performance all the time.

Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe

Designed for sport climbing and bouldering, these shoes feature a Stealth C4 rubber sole that provides excellent friction on a variety of surfaces. Made of high-quality leather, they offer both durability and style. These downturned shoes is designed to keep climbers locked onto vertical or steep terrain, providing increased precision on small holds.

And with the unlined microfiber upper, you'll experience easy break-in and comfort from start to finish with full heel coverage, you'll have the friction you need for those all-important heel hooking moments.

Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed for sport climbing and bouldering, and they offer a great balance of comfort and performance. The shoes have a Vibram XS Edge sole, which provides excellent edging ability, and they are made of durable synthetic materials. The shoes also have a hook-and-loop closure, which allows you to adjust the fit for maximum comfort.

The microsuede upper and reduced tongue volume keep the shoe supple, while the suede foot base conforms to the shape of your foot for all-day comfort. And with a slightly asymmetric profile and moderate downturn, it is versatile enough to handle any terrain.

But the real magic of these shoes lies in the Bi-Tension Rand system, which connects your heel to your toe for less discomfort and more power. And this stiffer shoe has a Flexan Dynamic Midsole, you can climb longer and harder without feeling fatigued. A satisfied customer said, "A game changer. These shoes took my climbing to new heights! Literally! Highly recommended, best intermediate shoe out there!"

Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe

These shoes are specifically designed for entry-level climbers, offering a perfect balance of comfort and performance. The flat profile and rubber sole provide fantastic friction on a variety of surfaces, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor climbing. The hook-and-loop velcro straps closure also ensures that you can adjust the fit to your liking, providing maximum comfort while you climb.

This 100% leather shoe with a rubber sole, these shoes are durable and will last you a long time. With a two-strap closure and weighing only 223 grams, they're also easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for those who want to focus on their climbing and not their gear. One five-star customer raves, "These are my favorite shoes to climb in. I tried a different climbing shoe and was very disappointed. So I came back for more of these."

Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe

Get ready to take your climbing skills to the next level with these expertly designed-shoes. Perfect for tackling steep and overhanging walls, they offer excellent precision and sensitivity, so you can set yourself up for success with every move you make. The 4.3mm rubber sole is molded for optimal comfort, consistency, and weight, so no matter how tall or tough the climb is, your feet will stay safe and secure throughout.

Plus, their unique Knit Technology upper ensures maximum breathability and comfort levels - perfect for those hot summer days or when tackling long lengths of wall! But that's not all; this design also features a women's-specific last which guarantees an unbeatable fit, meaning both ladies and gentlemen can reach their peak performance while rock climbing.

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe

Getting started as a climber can be intimidating, but with these beginner-level shoes, you can rest assured that there's no need to sacrifice comfort for performance. With the highly effective 4.2mm TRAX XT-5 sole providing stellar traction on any surface, you'll have the confidence to conquer even the toughest climbs.

And thanks to its flat profile and LV asymmetric shape, you won't have to worry about stability or support - just bring your A-game! Plus, an adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensures maximum comfort along with a removable leather upper allowing for unparalleled breathability when your reliance on it counts most. Ready to go? Let's get climbing!

La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe

If you're a climber looking to take your skills up a notch, then these shoes are the ultimate tool for the job. Built with tour-de-force Vibram XS Edge Soles, they will give you the edge (pun intended) to go farther and last longer. Besides their reliable edging technology, these shoes also come equipped with an innovative "S-Heel" design that easily facilitates secure heel and toe hooking. And if all that didn't already have you sold, the durable synthetic construction is sure to withstand even the toughest climbs.

Five Ten Quantum Climbing Shoe

Equipped with a Stealth C4 rubber sole for maximum friction on practically any surface, and a "Slingshot" heel design offering extra security when performing heel hooks, there's not a climb you can't conquer. Additionally crafted from high-quality synthetic materials and adjustable lace closure, the fit can be tailored exactly to your needs – making this a sure choice for all those looking to reach dizzying heights.

Scarpa Force V Climbing Shoe

If you're looking for shoes that can make your sport climbing and bouldering adventures truly stand out, look no further. Not only are these shoes designed with comfort and performance in mind, but the easy hook-and-loop closure makes sure your feet feel snug on each climb. And the relaxed heel construction lets you scale the day away without having to take off your footwear after every climb. But don't be fooled – power is still at play here.

The Vibram XS Edge rubber offers excellent edging and support as you fine tune foot placements; plus, thanks to Flexan Dynamic Midsole technology, your feet will still be feeling fresh even after a long day of scaling challenging rocks. Make every adventure count – with these advanced all-in-one shoes!

Butora Endeavor Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed for entry-level climbers, and they offer a great balance of comfort and performance. This beginner shoe has a flat profile and 4mm NEO Fuse rubber sole provides great friction on a variety of surfaces, ensuring that you can tackle any route with ease. But what really sets these shoes apart is the "Butora F5" technology, which allows for a more customized fit, ensuring that the shoe hugs your foot like a glove.

This comfortable shoe is lined with 100% organic hemp, which not only controls stretch but also odor. And the split leather footbed ensures that your feet remain comfy, even during extended climbing sessions.

Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe

Step into these precision-crafted climbing shoes, designed to give your feet both an unbeatable grip and extreme comfort. Thanks to the ingenious “Draxtor” closure system, these shoes hug your feet perfectly - allowing you to tackle even the most technical routes with total confidence.

But it isn’t just sharp precision that these shoes offer: combining a Vibram XS Grip2 sole and durable microfiber upper material, you can rely on long-lasting performance for many climbs to come. And the lining is treated with TXT cotton, which not only controls stretch but also helps keep odors at bay.

Black Diamond Zone Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed with steep, overhanging climbs in mind! The rubber sole offers superb grip on all sorts of terrains, while the synthetic material guarantees a lightweight but durable construction. What's more, "Engineered Knit Technology" ensures maximum breathability and comfort - so you can focus on scaling those impressive heights without having to worry about your feet getting tired prematurely. And if that wasn't enough, according to some customers, this is a more aggressive shoe compared to most climbing shoes.

Mad Rock Drone Climbing Shoe

With precision, support, and grip combined, these medium-stiff shoes are an absolute must-have for conquering any challenge that comes your way.

Crafted specifically for steep and technical climbing, the Drone features a patented concave sole design that maximizes grip and power, allowing you to cling to even the trickiest of holds. Made with Science Friction 3.0 rubber, these shoes provide the ultimate friction for your climbs, enabling you to climb with the confidence you need to push your limits.

But the Drone's advanced features don't stop there. With a downturned and twisted profile, these shoes provide both power and precision, ensuring that you maintain complete control on even the toughest of routes. And thanks to the arch flex, you'll enjoy added support and a comfortable fit all day long.

La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoe

This rock-climbing shoe offers precision, sensitivity, and exceptional performance. It is designed for steep and overhanging climbing, making them the perfect choice for advanced climbers who demand the best. One of the standout features of these shoes is the Vibram XS Grip2 sole, which provides incredible friction on even the smallest holds.

This, coupled with the shoe's P3 technology and innovative sole construction, means that the sole spreads when weighted, reducing-edge deformation and giving you a more stable platform to climb on.

The unique "S-Heel" design helps maintain heel hooking ability over time, ensuring that you can make those tricky moves with ease. And the sticky rubber toe patch is perfect for toe hooks and scums, giving you even more flexibility and control on the rock.

Five Ten Anasazi LV Climbing Shoe

For climbers who demand the best in technical climbing shoes, the Five Ten Anasazi LV Climbing Shoe is an absolute must-have. With exceptional precision and sensitivity, these shoes are designed to help you take your climbing game to the next level.

One of the standout features of these shoes is the Stealth C4 rubber sole, which provides unbeatable friction on a variety of surfaces. This means that no matter where your climbs take you, you can trust your footing and find the confidence to tackle any challenge.

Built to handle even the toughest climbs, the durable synthetic materials used in these shoes' construction give you the peace of mind you need to take on the most difficult routes. And with the innovative Lace Closure design, you get a custom fit that ensures your shoes feel comfortable and snug, no matter the size of your foot.

But beyond the shoe's design and construction, its performance is what truly sets it apart. Thanks to its exceptional precision and sensitivity, these shoes allow you to feel every bump and crevice in the rock, giving you the edge you need to tackle even the most complex climbs with confidence.

So if you're ready to take your climbing game to new heights, get your hands on the Five Ten Anasazi LV Climbing Shoe today - and discover what it feels like to climb with the ultimate precision and control.

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe

This pair of women's shoes offer the perfect balance of comfort and performance. One of the standout features of these ultra-soft shoes is their rubber sole, which provides exceptional friction on a variety of surfaces. The 4.3mm rubber is built to last, and molded for optimal consistency and performance. The neutral, flat last of these shoes makes them perfect for vertical climbing or all-day comfort.

The updated midsole of these shoes has been designed for improved edging ability, and the soft flex midsole offers added sensitivity and comfort. But that's not all – the unique "Engineered Knit Technology" upper provides increased breathability and comfort, thanks to the updated knit with softer lining.

These shoes also boast two Velcro straps for easy adjustability, as well as softer toe rands for better fit and comfort. And let's not forget about the updated heel rubber geometry, which ensures consistent tension throughout your climb. One five-star customer said that these shoes are "comfy" and the "best climbing shoes" she had.

La Sportiva TarantuLace Climbing Shoe

These shoes are designed for entry-level climbers, and they offer a great balance of comfort and performance. The shoes have a rubber sole that provides great friction on a variety of surfaces, and they are made of durable synthetic materials. One of the unique features of this shoe is its "Lace-Up" closure, which allows you to adjust the fit for maximum comfort.

The TarantuLace's all-leather upper is breathable and durable yet stretches to conform to your foot shape. The padded internal tongue with cotton lining protects the sensitive top of your foot, making it comfortable for long days of climbing. Additionally, an updated heel cup holds the heel in place for a secure and snug fit.

The aggressive rubber heel rand and the sticky FriXion RS rubber is grippy yet hard-wearing, offering increased durability and providing a powerful edging platform climb after climb. And the ultra-thin LaSpoflex midsole provides maximum torsional rigidity, ensuring you stay connected to the rock. A satisfied customer raves, "So far so good. Have been climbing in this show for 2 months now."

Climbing Shoe FAQs

How should climbing shoes fit?

Climbing shoes should fit like a glove; snugly, but not painfully tight. Your toes should be slightly curled -a sign that the shoe fits properly- but without experiencing the pain of any sort.

It is important to note that climbing shoes stretch with use, so make sure it does not feel too tight when you buy them. It is also recommended that you purchase climbing shoes half a size smaller than your regular street shoe size, in order to ensure proper grip and maximum friction between the foot and rock face.

When putting on your climbing shoes, lace them up all the way to the top eyelets, cinching your heel firmly into place for greater precision and control as you ascend a vertical face or boulder problem. Additionally, when tying up laces try out different techniques until finding one which holds most comfortable throughout the duration of your climb while maintaining adequate tension in both the toe area and heel cup area simultaneously.

Finally, be sure to evaluate all aspects of fit: width (not too wide or narrow), length (avoid excess space at toes), instep height (supportive but no squeezing sensation) as well as overall comfort regardless of what style/brand you are wearing!

How often should I replace my climbing shoes?

When it comes to replacing your climbing shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It ultimately depends on the type of climbing you do and how often you climb, as well as how well you take care of your shoes in between uses.

In general, most climbers replace their shoes every 6 to 12 months or when they start to feel like the shoe has lost its supportive and gripping features. To maintain optimal performance and longevity of your climbing shoes, make sure you clean them after every use using a gentle brush or damp cloth with non-detergent soap (shoes specifically designed for running should be air-dried instead). You should also store them in an area where they will not be squashed or crushed by other objects - ideally upright away from potential hazards such as direct sunlight or heat sources.

It goes without saying that if a shoe gets wet then let it thoroughly dry before wearing it again! Additionally, pay close attention to the fit of your shoes– if a shoe becomes too loose for comfortable climbs then it may be time for a replacement pair. Ultimately, taking good care of your climbing gear will help ensure its longevity and performance so that you can keep enjoying what climbers love best—climbing!

Can I wear socks with climbing shoes?

While wearing socks with climbing shoes may seem like an appealing option at first, it's not recommended because of the lack of precision fit and feels it offers. Climbing shoes are designed to be worn without any additional layers between your foot and the shoe itself for a more responsive experience. It can take some time to get used to but scaling rocks in well-fitted shoes can make all the difference when you need support or grip on those trickier climbs!

What's the difference between lace-up and velcro climbing shoes?

There are several important distinctions between lace-up and velcro climbing shoes. Firstly, lace-up climbing shoes are more adjustable and customizable, as the laces allow you to make fine adjustments in order to achieve a snug fit. Secondly, due to the secure closure system of lace-up shoes, they tend to provide better overall performance for technical climbs.

On the other hand, Velcro climbing shoes offer convenience with their easier on/off the system, making them popular amongst gym climbers and bouldering sessions where quick transitions from climb to climb are essential. Additionally, since there is no need for lacing or tying a knot when putting on velcro climbing shoes they can be put on faster than traditional models.

Overall it's important to choose your shoe based on different criteria depending upon your specific needs such as comfortability factor & performance requirements that you may have while engaging in any form of rock/mountain climbing activity!

How do I break in new climbing shoes?

Breaking in new climbing shoes can take time and patience. Start by wearing them around the house for short periods of time for a few days. Then, gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing them until they start feeling more comfortable. Climb with them on easy routes to help them stretch and mold to your feet better. Just remember not to push yourself too hard or wear them for extended periods until they're fully broken in.


Investing in a good pair of climbing shoes is essential for any climber, regardless of their experience or skill level. With the list we have provided here, you can be sure to find the best rock climbing shoes for your needs and outshine everyone else on the wall. Keep in mind that proper fit is just as important as selecting the right style, so make sure you get professionally fitted when necessary. With that, you’ll be ready to take on any climb!