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These 35 Small Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids Are SO Cute, They'll Love Them All!

From cuddly stuffed animals to heart-shaped sunglasses, you'll be sure to make Valentine's memorable with these super cute presents.

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Valentine's Day is one of the most beloved holidays on the calendar, especially for kids! What better way to show your little ones how much you love them than with a special gift? Finding the perfect Valentine's Day present can be tough, so don't worry - we've rounded up 35 amazing gifts that will fill your kids' hearts with love this Valentine's Day.

1. This Valentine's Day, give your kids a gift they'll love - and build! With this awesome LEGO Building Kit, the whole family can join in on the fun. Plus, their creations will be works of art: one-of-a-kind replicas and inventions that stand out from any other toy. Get ready to experience nonstop entertainment with hours (and maybe days!) of imaginative engineering!,

5-Star Review: “Got this for my son for Christmas. He is 3 1/2 and loves building mega blocks. This is a good beginner set for little hands. Not too many pieces to overwhelm. A little instruction book to learn too. Hold a few things and many extra pieces to play with. Although, he realized he needed to deconstruct some to rebuild. I supplemented some basic blocks with $ store blocks which work great with the Lego brand. I would definitely think of giving this as a gift.” – Maria K

2. Tamagotchi not only will it bring them joy, but they'll also get an interactive pet to keep them engaged for hours. It's one click away from endless fun for everyone involved - now that's amore!,

5-Star Review: “Just like the one I had in the ’90s! My daughter loves it!” – Robyn Stanley

3. This unique Guessing Game is sure to make them smile as they work together and challenge their minds. From problem-solving skills to critical thinking, this educational toy will have your little ones entertained for hours while still learning valuable life lessons - giving you the ultimate win this V-Day season!,

5-Star Review: “I loved this as a child and now I get to share in the fun with my 6-year-old who also loves this game” – Emily Bonin

4. This Heart Initial Necklace is the perfect Valentine's Day present! They'll feel extra special with their own high-quality sterling silver initial in an adorable heart design. Show 'em some 💗 and get it asap - they won't be disappointed!

5-Star Review: “Perfect dainty necklace. It was packaged very cutely as well. Would be a perfect gift” – Kelly

5. This amazing Karaoke Microphone can quickly turn any living room into an epic party that'll make your kids' hearts fill up with love - and you don't want to miss out on their incredible renditions of Frozen's "Love Is an Open Door",

5-Star Review: “My 6-year-old boy loves this and uses it daily.” – Cori Guarino

6. Make your kiddo feel like an absolute mermaid queen this Valentine's Day with a magical sparkly Mermaid Makeup Set! With bold colors and glittery shades, they'll be twinkling in the depths of their own ocean.,

5-Star Review: “This makeup set is adorable and perfect for any little girl who loves makeup but ruins it fast and it keeps them out of yours” – Andria

7. This 5,000 Awesome Facts gift will fill their hearts with knowledge and love! Let their imaginations take flight as they learn about fascinating creatures from nature, explore outer space mysteries, and discover incredible people who have shaped history.,

5-Star Review: “This was a great choice for our 8-year-old grandson. He didn’t put it down for an hour. Short section reading kept his attention. Be prepared to hear “want to hear another awesome fact?” – Sarah

8. Get your kids pumped with an adventure of exploratory play: The 'Floor Is Lava Interactive Game' promises hours and excitement. Watch their problem-solving skills soar, as they use colorful characters to dodge lava and engage in family fun – a game that will fill their hearts with love for years to come!,

5-Star Review: “My four-year-old loves this game and anyone can play. Grandparents and her played 4 rounds... So be prepared to play multiple times mom and dad. Good for young children not sure older 8+ will love it. Pieces are very thin we will see how they hold up over time and I'm not sure about cleaning them.” – S. Quintana

9. This incredible Science Magic Kit combines learning and fun all in one, giving kids an exciting introduction to physics and chemistry. From trick experiments that will leave them wowed to enough activities keep them occupied at home, who says science can't be magical?!,

5-Star Review: “Recently my nephew declared he wants to be a scientist. For the holidays I decided to get him this set and he was ecstatic. National Geographic has quality items and he was able to follow the included directions with ease.” – Desiree Kettler

10.  Give your kids a fun and interactive way to learn about money with this Kid-sized ATM. Perfect for teaching them the value of coins, adding up different amounts - plus it looks pretty cool too!

5-Star Review: “My 9 yo grandson loved this bank. He liked the idea of being able to lock it and keep it safe from his little brother.😃” – Karen

11. This fun, interactive game has all the classic Dartboard action of traditional boards - only without any sharp points or dangerous projectiles. Plus, its magnetic darts ensure they'll never miss their target and always stick securely onto the board!

5-Star Review: “I bought this dart game for my grandchildren for Christmas. It is so much fun to play. I recommend this fun family game.” – Chris Ware

12. Do your kids love having mani-pedis with you? Get them the perfect Valentine's Day gift that'll keep their little hands safe and in style - Non-Toxic Nail Polish! No harsh chemicals here, just a range of vibrant colors they can mix & match.,

5-Star Review: “Fun to paint your babe’s nails without any fear of toxins when they put their fingers in their mouth. Cute colors too!” – RKA1994

13. Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection is packed full of iconic stories and unforgettable characters that will have your child in stitches with all its punny dialogue and crazy adventures. From 'The Cat in the Hat' to 'Green Eggs & Ham', it'll be hours upon hours of joyous reading time - because who said learning can't be fun!

5-Star Review: “Love Dr Seuss! Can't wait to read them to my granddaughter!” – Evelyn Frushon

14. Put your little one in the hall of fame this holiday season when you treat them to an iconic gift - The Original Barbie Doll. From her famous locks down to her fashionable wardrobe, she will provide endless fun for all ages so get ready for nothing but joyous sparks flying all around. Pick up everyone’s favorite timeless toy now before stocks run out!,

5-Star Review: “I bought this for my great niece for her third birthday on her birthday a special item. If you have a little girl that loves Barbie I highly recommend it.” – Barbarajean Jesmer

15. This high-tech Robot Toy will make their hearts soar as they send it scurrying across rooms, spinning around in circles, performing dance moves... even following commands. Make this V-Day one to remember with an out-of-this-world gift that'll have 'em playing for hours on end.

5-Star Review: “Bought this for a 5+-year-old grandson 2000 miles away. The choice was based that it offered something more than a remote control toy that would engage skill making. Since this was programmable it met that requirement. Also, we hoped it would engage more than a day or two. I did that as well as it got played with for weeks afterward. Also, it had to be fun and durable which for what it succeeded in. We got a different robot toy for his brother 3.5+ years old but they do play together and both enjoyed this robot.  It was basically a hit.” – Alonzo Hosford

16. These Flash Cards are the perfect combination of fun and learning - giving kids an entertaining way to get familiar with numbers, letters, and more without having to rely on batteries. Plus, these colorful cards come filled with illustrations that will be sure to fill their hearts (and minds) with love!,

5-Star Review: “These were purchased for my 2.5 y/o mainly for the numbers and words. Alphabet, colors, shapes & 1-15 is already a breeze so glad the numbers go to 25. He loves matching the pictures with numbers but there's also the written version of the word. As he shows interest we work on the words. Durable decks but we put them away until its learning time to prevent any possible ripped cards. Great buy.” – Gabrielle J.

17. This fun Modeling Clay Kit is sure to bring out their inner artist, letting them craft any masterpiece imaginable. From sculptures and abstract pieces of art – the only limit is their own imagination! Give something special that will have them dreaming up artistic projects for hours on end.,

5-Star Review: “Safe, does not stick to hands and does not crumble.
My twins are happy. Will place an order again!” – Rafael

18. This awesome Building Set of toys is stimulating, educational, and guaranteed to fill their hearts with joy — no blocks necessary!,

5-Star Review: “My 4-year-old granddaughter loved this gift and has had lots of fun with it. The price was reasonable. The parts are well made. I would recommend it.” – KLC

19.  This adventure-ready Plush Pillow is the perfect cuddle companion! It's made from super soft fabric and will make any bedroom feel ultra cozy, plus kids can carry it with them wherever they go - inspiring limitless possibilities.,

5-Star Review: “As soon as I opened the package, I put it in the dryer with a moist towel…came out wrinkle-free and all puffed up! Love it and I know my Grandson will as well.” – Bill G

20. These colorful Playground Balls are sure to bring laughter, joy, and endless smiles into your kid's life. So why not get ready for some outdoor fun in the garden or park this Valentine’s season? With bouncy hilarity guaranteed, these little gifts will fill your kid's heart with all kinds of playtime love!,

5-Star Review: “I purchased two sets of these balls for Christmas gifts. They come deflated but they have a nice hand pump and also a netted bag to hold the balls once they are inflated. The quality of the balls is excellent (even better than I anticipated)! I would definitely purchase it again. Good price too!” – gamergirl 50

21. UNO is an awesome card game that tons of families and kids will love. Kids can battle with friends (or foes!), think strategically, learn to count, and use their brains all while having a blast - what could be better?

5-Star Review: “Standard UNO deck. Got exactly what I expected, which is great. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, and that's fine. Recommended.” – Mrs. P

22. A Hand-Operated Drone, perfect for younger tykes who love to learn. Made of durable plastic that ensures long-lasting fun – take playtime to new heights and make them feel like mini astronauts during takeoff!,

5-Star Review: “This is a great toy, easy to use, and from what I can tell fun for all ages. I have purchased 8 so far. 7 for gifts (children ages 4 to 12) and one for me, I'm turning 72 on my next birthday!” – Sherry Mac

23. This Rainbow Scratch-Off Notebook will let your little ones explore their wildest imaginations - perfect for those who love adding a bit of color to the page.,

5-Star Review: “Bought this with a coupon code for a great price. My daughter loves these things and I bought this to give as a gift. I do wish the packaging was a bit more attractive and not so cheap looking, but great quality and quantity of product for the price!” – corey neal

24. Get your mini shopaholic ready because this Kids Cash Register is about to make learning financial literacy a blast! With real working buttons and a calculator, plus an interactive microphone for those important announcements - it's like mom or dad are running the store but in miniature form.

5-Star Review: “This is the perfect size and amount of items that come with the cash register. Our grandkids love it!!” – TF

25. These Dinosaur Toys feature a wild selection of sizes, shapes, and hues - plus they're made from sturdy materials that can handle even the toughest inter-dino playtime battles. Watch as their imaginations run riot in an ancient-age adventure like never before!,

5-Star Review: “My 2-year-old LOVES this set!! Perfect for any toddler you know who is infatuated with dinosaurs. The size of them is great as well as the quality!! p.s the tin can also be used as a cute snack/lunch box!!” – cheryl

26.  Let your mini-artists explore their creativity and capture life's most precious moments with this vibrant, high-quality Toy Camera. Unleash those photographic skills today - you never know what stunning masterpieces may be created!

5-Star Review: “Purchased as a gift for our child’s Christmas, who just turned 5 years old. She absolutely loves it and it’s fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under age 5, just because it might be more challenging to use/navigate the several features it offers. She loves taking videos and photos with it! (Review photos are without the unicorn cover, which my child removed, but likes it both ways.) Great price and a great purchase! Highly recommend!” – Malea

27.  This Workbench Toy is the perfect tool for little ones who love pretending they're pros at DIY projects. Packed with loads of fun features that will give your kids hours of wholesome playtime.,

5-Star Review: “My little niece loves this toy! She plays with it all the time. She just turned 1. She was so excited when she got it!” – Terry Oroark

28. With its easy-to-learn rules and quick gameplay, Pop-Pass-Catch Ball is the perfect way for kids of all ages to stay entertained (and get some exercise). Plus, it helps develop essential hand-eye coordination skills that make any activity more fun.,

5-Star Review: “Such a great toy to keep the kids entertained instead of being on the Xbox or iPad all day. We could play for a good hour.” – abrod

29. Kids will take leaps and bounds of excitement with the Slinky! This classic toy is perfect for keeping little ones on their toes as they explore around corners, upstairs - all while having a blast. Get them ready to experience endless hours of joy taking strides both big and small.,

5-Star Review: “My kids loved it. It's quite satisfying to watch it reciprocating. It gets bent easily so rough usage is not appreciated.” – Ajana J

30. Let your kiddo transport themselves to a world of prehistoric fun with Dinosaur Toy Cars! These mini cars come in awesome dinosaur designs and will make playtime even more exciting for little ones. Unleash their creativity now - these Dino-tastic vehicles are the perfect gift idea!,

5-Star Review: “I have a 3-year-old Grandson who loves dinosaurs. These fit into the jumbo Easter Eggs (each grandchild gets personalized eggs and their own section. Dads and Uncles hide and help the hunt). These are durable. I expect them to be fun, buried in the yard…..” – K.A

31. If you've got a kid in your life who's bursting with energy and needs to find healthier ways to blow off steam, this Punching Bag + Boxing Gloves Set is the perfect gift! They'll love having their own corner of the house where they can practice uppercuts, jabs, and hooks just like real boxers – all while getting stronger each day. It's sure to bring out both smiles (and sweat) from any little fighter.,

5-Star Review: “We bought this for our then 8-year-old for Christmas Last year. It’s taken a beating and is still ticking. He loves it. Now at 9 (he’s pretty average in height and weight), he still uses it often to regulate his emotions and energy. It’s been a great purchase and we would recommend it to anyone!” – EJW

32. This LCD Writing Tablet is like a cutting-edge upgrade from traditional paper and pencils. Allowing them to practice their math, sketch masterpieces - or just doodle for fun – it's sure to spark imagination and creativity every time they use it. Plus, the futuristic design will be something everyone can oohh & aahhh over when they see it unwrapped on Christmas morning!,

5-Star Review: “It was given as a gift to a 9yr old boy who plays on my travel baseball team. He loves it! We got this for my daughter and she loves it! Super easy to use and fun to draw on. We have had it for about a year now and it still works great!” – Artak Poloyan

33. Let the kids go wild! Get them ready for some high-octane fun with this sleek and speedy Remote Control Car. Perfect for mastering tight corners or weaving through obstacles, it's made from sturdy materials to handle any indoor adventure or outdoor escapade. Let their imaginations take over—the possibilities are endless!,

5-Star Review: “Such a durable inexpensive remote control car!” – John Catalanotto

34. Who doesn't love rocking a pair of Heart-Shaped Sunglasses? That perfect accessory to take any outfit from plain Jane to magical! Whether it's Valentine's Day or just another Saturday, these shades will quickly become your little princess go-to look.,

5-Star Review: "Omg super cute nice pink jelly heart-shaped sunglasses my daughter loves them." - Fashionable

35. Is it even possible to outdo Cupid this Valentine's Day? Yes! Gift your little one with a set of Bluey Figures and become their favorite superhero. Everyone adores the show, so you can't go wrong - trust us!

5-Star Review: "If your toddler is obsessed with bluey like mine the. These are the perfect toys for you! It’s so hard finding bluey toys that don’t cost an arm and a leg!! But thease are not only cheap but they are amazing quality & the same ones you’d buy in store!!" - Klopez

Valentine's Day is all about showing love and appreciation to those closest to you. No matter how old they may be, your kids will always need a little extra reminder of how much we care. So this year, why not surprise them with one of these 35 unique gift ideas that are sure to fill their hearts with love? After all, it's the little things that make all the difference!

Reviews in this blog post have been edited for clarity and/or length.

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