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15 Diffusers for Essential Oils to Enhance Your Home & Wellbeing

Elevate your daily rituals and living space with these trendy, practical essential oil diffusers that combine sleek designs with tranquil aromas for an indulgent, zen-enhancing experience.

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Diffusers for Essential Oils
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Aromatherapy has long been hailed for its numerous health and wellness benefits, and essential oil diffusers are an effective and convenient way to enjoy these benefits. With so many options on the market, including nebulizers, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, humidifiers, and visually captivating light-changing devices, it's essential to choose the right diffuser for your needs.

To help you navigate the world of essential oil diffusers, we've conducted extensive research, evaluating various models based on design, size, mist functions, and additional features like LED illumination, auto shut-off, BPA-free construction, and aesthetic appeal. We've considered top-rated models to compile this comprehensive guide to the best essential oil diffusers, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Join us as we explore the top 15 essential oil diffusers that will transform your space and elevate your aromatherapy experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser

When embarking on your journey to find the perfect essential oil diffuser, there are numerous factors that must be taken into account to guarantee that you select the ideal item to meet your needs. To make the right choice, consider delving into the following crucial factors:

Type of Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers come in various forms, including smart essential oil diffuser, ultrasonic, nebulizing, evaporative, and heat diffusers. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, ultrasonic diffusers utilize water to disperse oils into the air and operate quietly, while nebulizing diffusers distribute pure essential oils without water, providing a more potent effect.

Coverage Area

Assess the dimensions of the room or area where you plan to use the diffuser. Some diffusers are tailored for small spaces, whereas others can accommodate larger areas. Ensure that you select a diffuser with a coverage area that aligns with your needs.

Run Time

Run time refers to the duration a diffuser can function continuously before requiring a refill. While some diffusers can operate for multiple hours, others may have a shorter run time of only one or two hours. Opt for a diffuser with a run time that meets your requirements.

Lighting and Noise

Some diffusers feature LED lights with color-changing capabilities, creating a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, others come equipped with a noise machine to promote better sleep. Determine whether you prefer these attributes or a more straightforward diffuser without such features.

Material and Design

Essential oil diffusers are available in a variety of materials and designs, including plastic, wood, and glass. Select a diffuser that corresponds with your personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The ease of cleaning and required maintenance varies among diffusers. Some are simple to clean and necessitate minimal upkeep, while others demand more frequent attention. Consider the amount of time and effort you are willing to dedicate to maintaining your diffuser.


The cost of essential oil diffusers can range from relatively affordable to more expensive options. Take your budget into account and choose a diffuser that falls within your desired price range. Keep in mind that higher-priced diffusers might offer additional features or be constructed from higher-quality materials.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a popular way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your home or office. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your essential oil diffuser:

Choose high-quality oils

Use pure, high-quality essential oils to ensure maximum benefits, and avoid synthetic fragrances or oils that may contain harmful chemicals.

Use the right amount of oil

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine the appropriate amount of oil to use. Adding too much oil can be overpowering and may cause headaches or other adverse reactions.

Clean your diffuser regularly

To avoid build-up and ensure optimal performance, clean your diffuser after each use or at least once a week. Use a mild soap and warm water, and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Use appropriate water

Use clean, preferably distilled, water in your diffuser. Hard water or tap water may cause mineral buildup and reduce the effectiveness of the diffuser.

Experiment with different oils

Try different essential oils or blends to discover your favorite scents and therapeutic benefits.

Use the diffuser at the right time

Use your diffuser during times when you want to relax or improve focus, such as during meditation or while studying.

Place the diffuser in the right location

Place your diffuser in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. It should also be placed at a height where it can easily disperse the mist.

By following these tips, you can get the most out of your essential oil diffuser and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

Our Favorite Diffusers for Essential Oil To Try

Discover the world of essential oil diffusers with our curated list of favorites that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. These top-notch diffusers not only fill your space with delightful aromas, but they also offer an array of features and designs that are sure to impress. Whether you're a beginner just starting to explore the benefits of essential oils or a seasoned enthusiast looking to enhance your collection, our handpicked selection of diffusers promises something for everyone. Dive into the enchanting world of aromatherapy with our favorite essential oil diffusers that are definitely worth a try.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Intermittent timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 100ml

The Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best oil diffusers of 2023! With over 55,800 verified five-star ratings, this diffuser boasts a sleek design, quiet operation, and seven color-changing LED lights that will create the perfect ambiance for any space. And with its compact 100ml capacity, it won't take up too much space on your desk or bedside table!

Don't just take our word for it - one satisfied customer said, "So glad I purchased this diffuser/humidifier. I must admit, some of the reviews can be misleading for sure. However, I'm satisfied with my purchase." And who wouldn't be? This little gem is super quiet, emitting nothing but the calming sounds of trickling water. Add your favorite essential oil to take your relaxation to the next level! And with its automatic shut-off feature, you can enjoy your diffuser worry-free.

Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier & Diffuser

Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier & Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Automatic shut-off & Touch control

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 4l

This humidifier packs a powerful punch with a larger 4l capacity that lasts up to an impressive 40 hours. Don't believe us? Just take it from one customer who raved, "Best humidifier I've found - tried 2 before this." With over 19,300 verified five-star ratings, this humidifier is clearly a fan favorite.

But the Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier isn't just functional; it's also stylish. With a chic wood grain design and seven soothing LED colors, it's sure to complement any decor. Plus, its dual 360° rotation nozzles and handle design make it easy to customize and transport, whether you're using it in your bedroom, office, or even to humidify your plants. And when it's time for a refill, the auto shut-off feature ensures your safety and peace of mind.

So if you're looking for a humidifier that's both effective and aesthetically pleasing, the Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser is definitely worth considering. With its long-lasting operation and rave reviews, it's sure to be a game-changer for your health and well-being.

Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

Material: Glass cover + Wood base | Settings: Intermittent timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 80ml

If you're on the hunt for a stylish and eco-friendly way to diffuse your favorite scents throughout your space, then look no further than this Glass Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier. With its sleek natural wood base and plastic-free glass reservoir, this diffuser will elevate any room's aesthetic while providing the perfect amount of cool mist.

But this diffuser isn't just easy on the eyes, it's also easy to use! One customer gushed, "It's very easy to use. It's glass so it's easier to clean. I have only used it for the humidifier, so far. I love the mist it produces too! Also, with water, you don't have to clean it for a week." Plus, with a 4.4-star average and over 1,300 verified five-star ratings, you can trust that this diffuser will deliver on its promises.

And let's not forget about the seven color light gradient options, perfect for setting the mood in any space. So, whether you're looking to add a touch of zen to your home office or gift it to your mom or wife, this Glass Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier is the perfect addition to any space.

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Timer and auto-off safety switch

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 500ml

With its sleek design and remote control feature, this ultrasonic aromatherapy fragrant oil humidifier vaporizer is a must-have for anyone looking to create a zen oasis in their home. And with up to 16 hours of continuous mist, it's perfect for those larger spaces that need a little extra love.

Don't believe us? With over 29,400 verified five-star ratings and a 4.6-star average, users are raving about its efficiency and reliability. And we couldn't agree more! One satisfied customer even said, "This is a great diffuser. The remote is super handy. It has an extremely large reservoir. I love the different modes." And with multiple timer options and an auto-off safety switch, you can set it and forget it, leaving you to enjoy the soothing benefits of your favorite essential oils.

So why wait? Elevate your aromatherapy game with the ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser. Whether you're looking to clear the air after cooking, or create a relaxing atmosphere in the evenings, this diffuser has got you covered. Plus, with its beautiful seven LED colors, it's sure to complement any decor.

Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Timer, mist modes, and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 350ml

The HATHASPACE Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is an exceptional choice for those seeking both style and functionality. With a sophisticated marble design, this diffuser is bound to impress visitors while elevating the aesthetics of your home. Its 4.5-star rating and over 3,600 five-star reviews attest to the satisfaction of numerous customers who have experienced its luxurious touch.

Apart from its visual appeal, the HATHASPACE diffuser boasts a 350ml capacity, offering a continuous mist for over 24 hours and functioning as a humidifier as well. With seven color options and an intermittent mode, you can tailor the ambiance of your space for any situation. Additionally, its BPA-free construction and auto shut-off feature ensures health and safety are prioritized.

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Automatic shut-off , high and low mist settings

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 2l

With a whopping 2L tank and powerful mist coverage up to 350 sq ft, this Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for large rooms, bedrooms, and offices alike. It also doubles as an essential oil diffuser and mood light with color-changing LEDs, making it a triple threat in the world of relaxation devices.

But don't take our word for it - over 3,400 verified five-star ratings speak for themselves! One happy customer exclaimed, "I used this 3 in 1 humidifier and I like its design, more capacity make it easier to use, however, it's hard to fill the tank due to the shape and I always worried about screws that close the tank for its low quality. I like this device better than the previous one that I had (MistAire) because of useful features; nightlight, essential oil diffuser, and tank material which is flexible and will not break easily."

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Intermittent timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 200ml

You've got to check out the Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser! Not only is it a chic, minimalist addition to any room, but it also boasts a 4.1-star average rating from happy customers. With a 200ml capacity, this diffuser can provide up to 24 hours of continuous fragrance, meaning your home can smell amazing all day long.

One customer expressed, "I was given one of these diffusers as a gift 5 years ago. It is still going strong. I decided to get an additional one for another area of my house. I love the black. Looks very nice. The black blends right in with my kitchen decor. I would absolutely buy this product again or give it as a gift." If that's not a ringing endorsement, we don't know what is!

Plus, with its elegant appearance and long-lasting scent distribution, the Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their home. Whether you're trying to relax after a long day or just want to make your space feel more inviting, this chili red diffuser will do the trick. Don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your home with this amazing product!

Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

Material: Bamboo Base & Glass Cover | Settings: Timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 150ml

With a solid 4.3-star rating and rave reviews, this high-end diffuser combines style and functionality to deliver a premium aromatherapy experience.

Crafted with a stunning glass dome and a solid American maple base, this diffuser is sure to add a touch of elegance to any space. But it's not just a pretty face - it also boasts built-in speakers and multiple settings, making it a true powerhouse in the world of diffusers.

One five-star review said, "I like this product because it does many different things. I haven't tried mine yet, but I loved my friend's, so I wanted to give one a try for my house to relax on weekends and after work." So why not follow in their footsteps and give the Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser a try? Your mind, body, and senses will thank you.

doTERRA Petal Diffuser

doTERRA Petal Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene | Settings: Intermittent timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 150ml

With a 4.4-star rating, the doTERRA petal diffuser is simple yet reliable, making it a top choice among customers. Don't let its small size fool you - this diffuser packs a punch with a 150ml capacity and three timer settings. Plus, it even has an optional LED light to set the perfect ambiance. And the best part? It's incredibly easy to use, unlike other frustratingly complicated diffusers on the market.

One satisfied customer expressed, "I am very happy with this diffuser. I had purchased a NOW diffuser off the shelf prior to getting this one because I assumed they were all the same. After a few uses with the NOW diffuser, it stopped putting out as much product into the air... This doTerra diffuser is extremely simple to use and it pushes the product in the air very strongly each time I turn it on. It also does not make a sound so it is not distracting to sleep with." Sounds like a winner to us! Get your doTERRA Petal Diffuser today and breathe easy knowing you made the right choice.

Greenair Spa Vapor+ Mist Therapy

Greenair Spa Vapor+ Mist Therapy

Material: Plastic base & Ceramic cover | Settings: Automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 150ml

This little powerhouse can run for up to 5 hours of continuous mist. Plus, its compact design and rotating LED lights make it a stylish addition to any room in your home.

With a 4.3-star rating, one customer said, "This is my choice diffuser for my kids' rooms, especially when they are sick. I have noticed a small noise but not enough to bother or wake anyone. I know that some diffusers say not to use citrus oils in them....I have used them in this and do frequently and have no issues. I have toddlers who sometimes get a hold of my diffuser and even that has not caused any issues. I liked them so much that I also bought one for my mom and aunt to get them started with using essential oils and diffusing."

So why settle for an ordinary diffuser when you can upgrade to the Greenair Spa Vapor+? Whether you're using it for aromatherapy, mood lighting, or just to freshen up your space, this little wonder is sure to become your go-to diffuser for all your wellness needs. Get yours today and experience the instant healthful mist therapy that everyone is raving about!

Porseme Essential Oil Diffuser

Porseme Essential Oil Diffuser

Material: Glass cover + Plastic base | Settings: Automatic shut-off, cool Mist, timer setting

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 100ml

This stunning ultrasonic humidifier features a mesmerizing 3D glass design that will leave your guests in awe. With over 6,000 verified five-star ratings, it's no surprise that customers are raving about this product's unique appearance and tranquil operation.

But don't let its beauty fool you, the Porseme Essential Oil Diffuser is not just a pretty face. With a 100ml capacity, air refresh auto shut-off, and timer settings, you can relax knowing that your home, hotel, yoga studio, or spa will always smell amazing without any effort. And if you need more convincing, just ask this satisfied customer who said, "I bought this for myself, and my four-year-old ended up with it in her room. It’s absolutely worth every penny, more for the visual and less for the humidifier benefits."

Say goodbye to boring, noisy humidifiers and hello to the Porseme Essential Oil Diffuser. Perfect for self-care, relaxation, or as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, this product will not disappoint.

Airomé Serenity Medium Diffuser

Airomé Serenity Medium Diffuser

Material: Glass cover + Plastic base | Settings: Automatic shut-off & intermittent mist

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 100ml

With a sleek ceramic design and 8 colorful LED lights, this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any space. And don't just take our word for it - one satisfied customer said, "This looks even nicer in person. It is very simple and attractive to have on the counter."

But the Airomé Serenity Medium Diffuser is more than just a pretty face. With a 4.3-star rating and a 100ml capacity, it can provide up to 14 hours of intermittent mist, making it the perfect companion for a relaxing night in or a productive workday. Plus, it features two mist modes and an auto shut-off function, ensuring a safe and efficient experience every time. It's no wonder why reviewers are singing its praises, with one saying, "Automatic shut off which I love. I bought it thinking I’d gift it - but I’m keeping this one for me."

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Material: Ceramic base &Wood cover | Settings: Intermittent timer and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 200ml

This sleek and stylish aromatherapy diffuser not only looks great in any room, but it also packs a powerful punch when it comes to creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

With its 200ml capacity and color-changing lights, the Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is perfect for adding a touch of zen to any space. And with its included remote control, you can easily adjust the settings without ever having to leave your comfortable spot on the couch. Plus, with up to 10 hours of continuous runtime and 20 hours of intermittent runtime, you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day long.

And let's not forget about the included 3 oil samples, which allow you to experiment with different scents and find your perfect match.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Material: Ceramic | Settings: Intermittent misting and automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 100ml

This essential oil diffuser has earned a 4.1-star rating for a reason - it's the ultimate blend of style and function. Crafted by hand, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser can hold up to 100ml of your favorite essential oils and uses ultrasonic technology to deliver a reliable and effective diffusion experience.

But unlike other essential oil diffusers, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser also has a beautiful addition to any space. Customers can't get enough of its sleek and minimalist design, which seamlessly blends in with any decor style. Plus, it makes for the perfect gift for moms or anyone looking to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in their home. Whether you're looking to boost your mood, enhance your focus, or simply unwind after a long day, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is the perfect choice.

Pure Enrichment Oil Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene & Crystal | Settings: Automatic shut-off

LED light: Yes | Capacity: 160ml

This innovative gadget is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body. With a sleek, compact design, this diffuser is easy to use and perfect for small spaces.

But that's not all - the Pure Enrichment Diffuser also features a Himalayan salt lamp, providing a warm, soothing glow that's sure to help you de-stress. And with its 160ml capacity, you can enjoy hours of aromatherapy bliss without having to constantly refill. One customer loved this diffuser so much that they want to buy again!

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Diffuser for Essential Oil FAQ

Are diffusing essential oils safe for your lungs?

Diffusing essential oils can be safe for your lungs when used properly. However, it's important to keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, and some people may be more sensitive to them than others.

It's recommended to use essential oils in a well-ventilated area and to not diffuse them for extended periods of time. This is because inhaling large amounts of essential oils can potentially irritate the lungs and cause respiratory issues, especially for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Are essential oil diffusers safe for cats?

Essential oil diffusers can potentially be harmful to cats if not used properly. Cats have a unique physiology that makes them more sensitive to certain compounds found in essential oils, and inhaling or ingesting these compounds can cause a range of health issues for cats, including respiratory distress, liver damage, and even death in severe cases.

It's important to note that not all essential oils are harmful to cats, and some can even have therapeutic benefits when used correctly. However, it's essential to research each oil's safety for cats before using them in a diffuser or any other application.

Additionally, cats may be more sensitive to essential oils than other animals or humans, and it's important to monitor your cat's behavior and health when using an essential oil diffuser. If your cat shows signs of respiratory distress, vomiting, lethargy, or other unusual behavior, it's essential to stop using the diffuser immediately and consult with a veterinarian.

Are essential oil diffusers safe for dogs?

Essential oil diffusers can be safe for dogs, but it depends on the type of oil being used and how the diffuser is being used. Some essential oils can be toxic to dogs, especially when used in high concentrations or over long periods of time. Examples of essential oils that can be harmful to dogs include tea tree oil, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, and pine oils. In addition, dogs have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans, and diffusing essential oils can overwhelm them and cause respiratory problems or other adverse reactions.

How many drops of essential oil should you use in a diffuser?

The number of drops of essential oil to use in a diffuser depends on the size of the diffuser and the strength of the essential oil. As a general guideline, most diffusers recommend adding a few drops of essential oil for every 100ml of water in the diffuser. However, it's always best to refer to the instructions provided with your specific diffuser for guidance on the appropriate amount of essential oil to use.

It's important to avoid adding too much essential oil to the diffuser, as this can lead to an overpowering scent and potential health risks, especially for pets or people with respiratory conditions. It's also important to use high-quality, pure essential oils and to avoid using oils that are known to be toxic or irritating to the skin or respiratory system.

Can you mix different essential oils in a diffuser?

Yes, you can mix different essential oils in a diffuser to create a unique and customized aroma. In fact, mixing different oils can often produce a more complex and pleasing scent than using a single oil. However, it's important to choose oils that complement each other and are safe to use together.

How essential oil diffusers are cleaned?

It's important to clean your essential oil diffuser regularly to prevent the buildup of oils and bacteria, which can affect the performance of the diffuser and potentially cause health issues. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often you use the diffuser, but as a general guideline, it's recommended to clean it after every 3-4 uses.

What are the benefits of using an essential oil diffuser at night?

Using an essential oil diffuser at night can provide a range of benefits, including promoting relaxation and better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, improving respiratory health, and repelling insects.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxurious, high-end diffuser, there's something on this list for everyone. By considering customer ratings and reviews, as well as the unique features of each essential oil diffuser, you can find the best essential oil diffuser that fit on your aromatherapy needs. Immerse yourself in the soothing scents of your favorite essential oils and enjoy the myriad benefits that come with it.

Reviews in this blog post have been edited for clarity and/or length.