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10 Tips on How To Get Natural Curls Back!

Looking to get your natural curls back? Check out our 10 tips on how to make it happen!

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If you’ve been stuck in a rut with your hair, you’re not alone. In fact, a lot of women have trouble getting their natural curls back after years of heat damage and coloring. But the good news is, it is possible to get your curls back! You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to get there. Keep reading for some tips on how to get your natural curls back.

1. Stop Using Heat Styling Tools

We all know heat is bad for our hair. It dries it out, makes it frizzy, and can even damage our hair strands. But did you know that heat styling is also one of the main culprits behind damaged curly hair? If you want to get your natural curls back, you have to stop using heat-styling tools. That means no more blow dryers, straighteners, or curling irons.

Heat damages your hair, making it brittle, dry, and frizzy. It also strips away your hair’s natural oils, which are necessary for healthy and hydrated hair. If you give up heat styling for just a few weeks, you’ll start to see a difference in your hair’s health – and your natural curl pattern will start to re-emerge. So ditch the heat and let your natural curls shine!

2. Cut off Damaged Ends

If you're trying to grow out your hair, you need to be extra careful about split ends. Split ends are the enemy of healthy hair. Not only do they make your hair look frizzy and unhealthy, but they can also prevent your hair from growing any longer. If you want to get rid of split ends (and promote healthy hair growth), you need to get a trim every few weeks.

This will help your hair look its best while you're trying to grow out your natural curl pattern. Just make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors and avoid cutting too much off at once. With a little bit of care, you can keep your hair looking healthy and prevent split ends from holding back your hair growth.

3. Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments are a must if you want healthy and hydrated curls. Choose a deep conditioner that’s formulated for curly hair and use it once or twice a week. Apply the conditioner to wet hair, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it out with cool water. Your curls will thank you!

Deep conditioning treatments help to replenish moisture in the hair shaft, which can become dry and brittle from over-processing or heat styling. In addition, deep conditioners help to smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in shinier and more manageable hair. So if you’re looking for softer, healthier curls, be sure to add a deep conditioning treatment to your hair care routine.

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4. Invest in a Good Curl Cream

If you're looking to achieve the perfect curl, investing in a good curl cream is non-negotiable. Not only will it add definition and moisture to heat-damaged hair, but it will also act as a heat protectant. Apply curl cream to wet or damp hair, then style as usual. You'll notice softer, shinier, and healthier-looking curls in no time! Plus, your friends will be jealous of your gorgeous locks and might even start asking for your curl cream recommendations. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a good curl cream today!

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5. Let Your Hair Air Dry

When it comes to curly hair, air drying is always the best option. It might take a little longer than blow drying, but it’s worth it! Heat damage is one of the main reasons why people lose their natural curl pattern, so avoid using heat-styling tools whenever possible. Instead, let your hair air dry whenever you can. If you must use a blow dryer, make sure to use the lowest heat setting and don’t hold the dryer too close to your head.

6. Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

Everyone knows the feeling of waking up with greasy hair. It's gross, and you just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So you wash your hair... and then you wash it again... and again. But did you know that overwashing your hair can actually do more harm than good?

That's right - if you have any hair type other than straight, washing your hair every day is a recipe for disaster. Curly hair, in particular, dries out easily, so it's important to only wash it a few times a week. When you do shampoo, use a gentle, sulfate-free formula to avoid stripping away natural oils. And don't forget to follow up with conditioner - your hair will thank you for it!

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7. Sleep with a Silk Scarf

If you’re looking for a way to prevent your hair from drying out overnight, sleeping with a silk scarf or pillowcase is a great option. Silk is a natural material that is known for its ability to lock in moisture. This means that it can help to keep your curls hydrated and healthy. Plus, it’ll help to protect your hair from getting tangled while you sleep.

If you have dry hair, sleeping with a silk scarf or pillowcase is a great way to help prevent your hair from drying out. Silk is a natural material that is known for its ability to lock in moisture. This means that it can help to keep your curls hydrated and healthy. Plus, it’ll help to protect your hair from getting tangled while you sleep. If you have dry hair, sleeping with a silk scarf or pillowcase is a great way to help prevent your hair from drying out overnight.

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8. Avoid Touching Your Hair

As anyone with curly hair knows, frizz is always a risk. And while there are many products on the market that claim to help control frizz, the truth is that one of the best ways to combat frizz is to avoid touching your hair throughout the day.


Every time you touch your hair, you run the risk of damaging its delicate texture. Plus, when your hands are oily or wet, they can transfer that moisture to your hair, which can lead to even more frizz. So next time you're tempted to run your fingers through your curls, resist the urge and let your locks live in peace.

9. Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Anyone with curly hair knows that having a bad hair day can feel like the worst day ever. You wake up to find your hair texture feels dry, frizzy, and stuck together in all the wrong ways. No amount of styling seems to help. But there is hope!

Leave-in conditioner can help to hydrate your curls and make them look their best. Simply apply a leave-in conditioner to wet or damp hair, then style as usual. In no time, you’ll notice softer, shinier, healthier-looking curls. So next time you’re having a bad hair day, reach for the leave-in conditioner and breathe a sigh of relief!

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10. Be Gentle with Your Curls

Curly hair is delicate, so it’s important to be gentle with it. Avoid using harsh brushes or combs, and opt for wide-tooth combs instead. When drying your hair, use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to avoid causing friction. And be careful not to pull or tug at your curls, as this can cause them to break.

Final Thoughts

If you're anything like me, you spent most of your childhood and early adolescence straightening your hair into oblivion. But now that we're adults, we're ready to embrace our natural curl pattern – and it's not as easy as we might hope. It takes time, effort, and a lot of patience to get your curls back to their original glory. But trust me, it's worth it. Follow these tips and soon you'll be on your way to having healthy, beautiful curls that you can be proud of.

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