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18 Biotin Gummies For Faster Hair Growth, Stronger Nails & More!

Boost your glam game while satisfying your sweet tooth — all it takes is a couple of daily biotin gummies nibbles.

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Photo-Illustration: Catchy Shopper; Photos: Retailers
Photo-Illustration: Catchy Shopper; Photos: Retailers

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Have you heard of biotin gummies? Not only are they convenient, but they also give you a daily dose of self-care that can lead to improved health for your hair, skin, and nails. But, with so many options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. We've been there! That's why we've put in the time and research to bring you our top 25 biotin gummies guide. We cover everything from biotin content and flavors to customer reviews and unique features. Want to boost hair growth, strengthen nails, or revive skin radiance? No problem! Our list has a carefully selected biotin gummy that can help you achieve that desired glow and boost your self-confidence.

What is Biotin?

But what even is biotin anyways? It's an essential vitamin B complex also known as Vitamin H. This powerhouse vitamin is important for various metabolic functions in the body, as well as the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails. While it can be found naturally in foods such as eggs, nuts, and shellfish, many may not get the recommended daily dose from their diet alone. That's where gummies come in! They're a quick and easy way to up your biotin levels. In this article, we'll delve into the top five biotin gummies available on the market today and what makes them stand out from the rest. Trust us, you won't want to miss this one!

How To Choose the Best Biotin Gummies

With so many biotin supplements on the market, it can be tricky to pick the one that's right for you. Fortunately, biotin gummies make it easier and tastier to get your daily dose of Vitamin B7! But before you Buy! it's important to consider a few key factors.


When choosing a biotin supplement, it's important to pay attention to the potency or dosage of biotin in each serving. Not all gummies contain the same amount - some range from 1000 mcg per serving up to 5000 mcg! Though the recommended daily dosage for adults stands at about 30 mcg for general health, those looking for an extra boost should consult their healthcare provider for the right dosage for them. Keep in mind that too much of a good thing can have negative consequences - so you don't want to get thrown off track with your wellness plan by taking too much biotin.


When it comes to choosing the best biotin gummies for you, the flavor shouldn't be an afterthought. The truth is that these are daily supplements—so why not make them a flavorful treat? From tart and tangy to sweet and fruity, there's literally something for everyone who wants to get their daily dose of biotin. Therefore it's essential to choose a flavor that you enjoy since you'll be consuming these supplements daily.

Dietary Restrictions

Finding gummies that meet your needs can be tricky, but luckily there are lots of options out there if you have dietary restrictions or preferences when it comes to supplements. Seeking out biotin gummies for vegans? Not a problem. Prefer a gelatin-free treat? That's easy! Many products on the market today also make sure to include gluten-free and allergen-free options just in case you don't want any unwanted ingredients making an unexpected appearance. So have a look around, and before you know it, you'll find exactly what you need - satisfaction guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

When it comes to shopping, reviews are your review-or! Forget about searching for the pot of gold at the end of the retail rainbow; what you really need to find is quality reviews for the product that you're interested in. Doing your research can help save time (and money!) by helping you understand what works and what doesn’t. Take some time to read reviews on an eCommerce website like Amazon, or the company’s own website or social media pages – it takes a village! Reviews don’t lie, so be sure to do your due diligence when shopping online.


Given the plethora of biotin gummies out there these days and the variety in prices, it can be hard to figure out which one will offer the most bang for your buck. But just because a product has a higher price tag doesn't necessarily make it the best choice - even if you have to pay less to get what might seem like lower quality, that doesn't mean you won't get good results. High prices don't always guarantee high quality, so be mindful of the ingredients, potency, and other factors that determine the value of the product.

Our Favorite Biotin Gummies to Try

Nature's Bounty Biotin Gummies

These mouthwatering strawberry-flavored hair, skin, and nails gummies pack a powerful punch with 2,500 mcg of biotin per serving. And the best part? They're natural strawberry flavor and free from any artificial flavors or sweeteners. With an impressive 4.7-star rating and over 8,400 verified five-star reviews, customers can't get enough of these delicious gummies.

One reviewer raves, "I love this product and will definitely purchase again. It has a great flavor so no need to worry about the taste. I'm a very picky person and I love it." With results you can see and taste, Nature's Bounty Biotin Gummies set themselves apart from the competition. So why wait? Treat yourself to healthier, stronger hair, skin, and nails today!

MaryRuth's Vegan Biotin Gummies

Get your biotin boost sans sugar with Biotin Gummies! With over 1,600 five-star ratings, customers are singing the praises of this vegan and gluten-free soother for hair, skin, and nails. Each goji-berry-flavored serving contains 2,500 mcg of biotin for optimal growth—not to mention it's non-GMO and free from artificial sweeteners!

Customer reviews confirm that these gummies are super effective in promoting healthy hair and nail growth. If you're looking for a natural way to get your daily dose of biotin, these gummies come highly recommended—as one verified customer said: "Appreciate the good ingredients and sugar-free gummies! Thanks!"

Olly Undeniable Beauty Biotin Gummies

These grapefruit-flavored gummies contain 2,500 mcg of biotin per serving and are free from artificial colors and flavors. With 4.6 stars on average and over 12,000 verified five-star ratings, customers can't get enough of the delicious taste and effectiveness it has in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

One customer that decided to try this brand once it was carried at Ulta was more than satisfied with her results after two weeks: "I’m sooo glad I did. This brand works. 2 weeks of taking the vitamin and my nails are growing!!! And my hair is growing faster! My skin hasn’t changed yet. I already have another bottle on order."

What sets OLLY Undeniable Beauty Gummies apart from other biotin supplements is the natural ingredients that make it an enjoyable way to get your daily dose of biotin without any artificial colors or flavors.

Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies

This unique hair, skin, and nail growth supplement is made with 5000mcg of biotin to help you achieve healthier-looking hair. Plus, the strawberry-flavored gummies are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly, making them perfect for everyone's dietary needs while also providing a delicious treat. Not only do they have great taste but they can improve your overall appearance too!

With these specialized beauty gummies, users have experienced faster hair growth and an increase in volume and shine that has lasted. As one satisfied customer put it: “This is an amazing product—my hair has grown very fast although it’s fine hair it looks fuller. I see a lot of new growth!!! So happy!" Take control of your confidence with Biotin Gummies today!

Nature Made Biotin Gummies

This dietary supplement contains 2,500 mcg of biotin per serving in a delicious mixed berry flavor - without synthetic dyes or gluten. With nearly 5 stars from customers, this product is praised for its great taste while also supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. One customer said they love these gummies and can see a difference in their hair, skin, and nails saying "Nails are so strong cannot cut them with nail scissors. Also, my hair not shedding as much."

Nature Made Hair Skin and Nails with Biotin 2500 mcg sets itself apart from other biotin gummies by delivering higher strength than most, no artificial colors or flavors, and guaranteed safety for the whole family. Get the look you want faster with Nature Made Hair Skin and Nails today!

NutraChamps Biotin Gummies

Each gummy contains 10000mcg of biotin, making it one of the highest-potency biotin products available. Plus, they're strawberry-flavored and gluten-free to boot; no wonder they have an impressive 4.5-star average and over 8,900 verified five-star ratings!

Customers everywhere are praising their effectiveness in promoting hair growth. In fact, one shopper noted: "Got these on sale & im glad I was able to try them. They aren’t hard to chew like most gummies and they literally taste like strawberry candy or a fruit snack! Haven’t made it through half a bottle yet but I will be buying again. I would definitely recommend buying the 2-pack supply."

Sports Research Biotin Gummies

Packed with 5,000 mcg of biotin per serving and free from gluten, soy, and dairy, these vegan-certified and Non-GMO verified gummies provide a delicious berry flavor. Plus, customers are raving about how effective they are at promoting hair and nail growth. One customer's review says it all: "My nails are growing quicker than they were before, my hair is shinier, and my skin is not near as itchy!" With Sports Research Biotin Gummies, you can rest easy knowing that your body is receiving a high-quality product - one that sets itself apart from other biotin supplements by delivering results.

vitafusion Biotin Gummies

Packed with 5,000 mcg of biotin mixed with citric acid per serving, these blueberry-flavored gummies are the perfect solution for anyone looking to boost their vitamin intake. Hair and nails vitamins have repeatedly shown their potency in promoting healthy hair growth, strengthening nails, and improving skin elasticity and nourishment.

These powerful gummies have been proven time and time again to be extremely effective in supporting overall hair, skin, and nail health. It is no surprise that customers love them so much! Not only are they vegan and gluten-free, but they also have a 4.7-star average rating on Amazon and over 15,100 verified five-star ratings from happy customers around the world.

What's more: according to one satisfied purchaser's review, "VitaFusion is excellent" when it comes to freshness and potency. Try VitaFusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummy Vitamins today for healthy hair, skin, and nails that'll last a lifetime!

MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair Biotin Gummies

This vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free multivitamin contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Zinc, and more. Plus the added benefit of a delicious mixed berry flavor! All this in one convenient gummy form containing 2,500 mcg of biotin per serving. Just ask our customers – they are praising their great taste and effectiveness in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

One customer was so happy she had to share: “I'm so glad I started taking has created a healthy, full head of hair and I am no longer vitamin deficient. So happy and I will continue taking these- it's been about three months-thank you!” Move your beauty routine to the next level today with MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair 2!

Carlyle Biotin Gummies

These strawberry-flavored gummies contain 10,000 mcg of biotin per serving, making them perfect for anyone looking to promote healthy hair growth. They're free from artificial colors and flavors and boast a 4.6-star average with customers praising their delicious taste and effectiveness in promoting hair growth.

Plus, one customer even claims that after taking them for a month they noticed an improvement in hair regrowth, as well as stronger nails. With these gummies, you get the power of vegan, non-GMO ingredients while still enjoying a tasty treat!

Pink Stork Biotin Gummies

These vegan and gluten-free berry-flavored gummies contain 5,000 mcg of biotin per serving to help promote healthy hair growth, radiant skin, and strengthen nails. Not only are they made with natural ingredients, but they also include added Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Folate, B6 & B12 for even more nourishment. Plus, customers have given them a 4.4-star average rating!

One customer reported that after taking the gummies for just one week there was a “huge difference” in their hair fall and after three months of use they found their hair to be “healthier than before”. With all of these incredible benefits in one convenient package, you won’t want to miss out on these amazing products from Women-Owned Pink Stork!

HIMS & HERS Biotin Gummies

These wild cherry-flavored gummies contain 300 mcg of biotin per serving and are not only free from artificial colors and flavors, but have a 4.4-star average, with customers praising their delicious taste AND effectiveness in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. Plus, one customer even remarked that it is a "very good supplement" that makes a difference in their daily health when not taken!

Puritan's Pride Biotin Gummies

Puritan's Pride Gummies are a game-changer for promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. Customers love the delicious strawberry flavor - free of artificial flavors and sweeteners - plus each gummy delivers 2,500 mcg of biotin. One customer found them so effective that they reported amazing improvements after taking them for just two months! Their 4.3-star average speaks for itself; this is a product you can depend on to nourish your hair, skin, and nails without sacrificing in taste.

Lunakai Biotin Gummies

This revolutionary supplement contains 5,000 mcg of biotin and Vitamin C & E per serving. It is also free from artificial colors and flavors, no corn syrup and non-GMO. With this unique combination of ingredients, you get all the benefits of biotin without any unnecessary additives. Customers have been raving about these gummies on their reviews!

One customer said “these gummies are much stronger than other biotin gummies I’ve had in the past…love the flavor and seeing glowing healthy skin and hair just within a week or 2 of buying… highly recommend”. So don’t wait to see a drastic improvement in your hair growth, thickness, keratin production, collagen levels and more – upgrade to Vegan Biotin Gummies!

Natures Craft Biotin Gummies

This cherry-flavored gummy is gaining traction among customers seeking to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. One customer saw firsthand what this gummy could do for their thinning hair. After years of struggling with hair loss, it was the simple solution of taking Natural Biotin Gummies that enabled her to see a significant boost in hair growth - so much so that even her hairdresser noticed!

And the results don't stop there – this product has been having excellent effects on brittle nails too. The power of Nature's Craft combined with the deliciousness of these biotin gummies make them an ideal choice for any beauty enthusiast looking to restore their confidence as they promote healthy hair growth.

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Biotin Gummies

Containing 5,000 mcg of biotin in each serving, they are enhanced with additional ingredients like Fo-Ti, Folic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin B12 & PABA to ensure maximum efficacy. With 4.4 stars average and over 2,500 verified five–star reviews, it’s no surprise that customers are praising their delicious taste and effectiveness in promoting healthy hair growth.

One customer even reported seeing a difference within a month: “It's been almost a month since I started taking these and I'm already noticing a difference in how healthy my hair looks.” For those looking for an effective solution to achieve healthier locks – or simply maintain existing ones – HUM Hair Sweet Hair is a perfect choice!

Vitamatic Biotin Gummies

Formulated with natural ingredients and no artificial color, natural flavors, or preservatives, this raspberry-flavored gummy contains 10,000 mcg of biotin per serving. With an impressive 4.4-star average review from customers, they have been praised for their effectiveness in promoting healthier hair, skin, and nails.

One customer even noted that these pills have really helped w/ their hair growth! So if you're looking to naturally strengthen your hair, skin & nails without artificial additives or preservatives then Vitamatic Biotin Gummies 10,000 mcg is a perfect choice.

Neocell Biotin Gummies

Impress your friends with healthier and shinier hair with the NeoCell Biotin Gummies! Each soft chew provides 10,000 mcg of biotin and is free from gluten, dairy, and açai berry flavor - making it perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. On top of that, it's backed by thousands of satisfied customers, who've all rated it with an average rating of 4.4 stars, claiming it has helped them achieve better overall health and even promoted faster hair growth!

As one customer said: "Delicious starburst flavor and Omg everyone comments on how long my hair has gotten. I’ve purchased it twice now and will probably get the subscription version soon. Has worked better for me than any other brand. Postpartum hair too". Unlock the secret to stronger and longer locks with NeoCell Biotin Gummies!

Biotin Gummies FAQ

As the beauty industry continues to expand, it's no surprise that biotin gummies have become a popular supplement for those seeking healthier hair, skin, and nails. But with so many options available, it's important to understand the basics before diving in. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about biotin gummies to help you make an informed decision.

How much biotin should I take daily?

The recommended daily intake of biotin varies depending on age, gender, and other factors, but most adults require between 30-100 micrograms per day. Biotin gummies typically contain a higher dose, with most brands offering 2,500-5,000 micrograms per serving. As always, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Can I take biotin gummies if I have dietary restrictions?

Those with dietary restrictions can take heart in the knowledge that biotin gummies are a safe option for supplementing with this important vitamin. Not only do many brands avoid major allergens like soy, gluten, and dairy, but the smart shopper's best practice is still to double-check the ingredient list and seek out any consultation necessary with a healthcare provider. So, no need to worry your pretty little head over whether these gummies will set off your allergies - they won't!

Are biotin gummies effective?

For those looking for a multi-pronged approach to gorgeous hair, skin, and nails, biotin gummies may just be the secret ingredient. While research on the effectiveness of biotin supplements is ongoing and individual results may vary, many users have reported improved conditions after taking biotin regularly. That being said, it's important to know that biotin alone isn't a miracle drug; it's merely one component of many in maintaining luscious locks and beautiful skin. So if you're searching for that extra boost to kick your beauty routine into a higher gear, give biotin gummies a try--you won't be disappointed!

Are there any side effects of taking biotin gummies?

Biotin might have gotten a bad rap due to its content of chicken and salmon, but for those of us who don’t have time for incorporating these into our diets, biotin supplements offer an ideal shortcut. Luckily, there aren’t too many downsides—most of us won’t experience any side effects from taking recommended doses. But if you start seeing more than your usual share of breakouts or lightheadedness following your regimen? Well, that's when it'd be best to hit the emergency stop and talk to your doctor sooner rather than later!

Final Thoughts

A biotin gummy vitamin can be an effective addition to your daily routine if you're looking for thicker hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. By providing your body with an adequate amount of biotin, you can promote the production of keratin, a protein that is essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair and nails. Additionally, biotin can help boost collagen production, which can improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. So if you're struggling with hair loss, brittle nails, or dull skin, consider adding Biotin gummies to your daily routine to help support your body's natural beauty and health.

Reviews in this blog post have been edited for clarity and/or length.