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13 Must-Have Items That Will Help You Live Your Best Life in 2023

Get ready to live your best life with these 13 must-have items that will help you make the most of this exciting new year.

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Everyone knows that it's the little things that can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and comfort. Looking for those small items to help you make 2023 your best year yet? Look no further than these 11 best-sellers. These items will save you time, money, and energy while also making your life much easier.

1. This handy container allows you to store pickles and olives without having to worry about them spilling out of the jar. It’s perfect for anyone who loves pickles or olives but doesn’t want to waste their time straining them out of the jar every time they need one.

Shop on Amazon: Pickle and Olives Jar Container with Strainer

5-Star Review: “We are a pickle-eating household. And this comes in handy! My husband and I drink pickle juice regularly as part of a recovery routine and this appliance makes drinking the juice so much easier! Dishwasher safe too! Highly recommend!" - Ashley

2. This cactus-shaped silicone dryer makes drying dishes a breeze! Simply place a few wet dishes on its “leaves”, hang it up, and let gravity do the rest. The cactus shape ensures that dishes are evenly distributed and won’t fall off during drying if not properly balanced.

Shop on Amazon: Cactus Silicone Dryer Ball

5-Star Review: "I was worried these were going to be sub-par quality and bought them purely because of my love for cacti. I am pleasantly surprised how much more effective my dryer is at drying with these little guys added, especially our towel loads. Been using them for about a month and a half and have nothing negative to say. Would recommend. Added bonus, because of the odd shape I feel like they don't get stuck in the clothes the same way regular dryer balls do." - alaskankat

3. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked eggs! This egg cooker is designed specifically for cooking eggs perfectly every single time; no more soggy whites or overcooked yolks! Just add water, crack some eggs into the cooker, press a button, wait a few minutes, and voila—perfectly cooked eggs are ready in no time!

Shop on Amazon: Egg Cooker

5-Star Review: "I literally cannot ask for anything better these are perfect every time! I'm soo happy. I've struggled in the past making perfect hardboiled eggs and this gadget is a cheat code" - Dilladoo

4. This dish-drying “lawn” is perfect for anyone who hates dealing with dripping glasses after washing them by hand. Simply place wet dishes on top of the grassy surface and let them air dry—no towels required! It even comes with a drainage tray at the bottom so there won’t be any messes left behind when you take your dishes off of it.

Shop on Amazon: Dish-Drying “Lawn” 

5-Star Review: "Love this thing! Was throwing all of my bottle supplies on a towel and it looked like a mess. This looks so much more organized." - Carly B.

5. Protect your clothes from moths and musty smells by storing them with these natural cedar blocks. The pleasant scent of the cedar will keep your clothes fresh, while also keeping away any unwanted pests.

Shop on Amazon: Aromatic Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage

5-Star Review: "I like everything about this product. It's the perfect size and has a complete function. It's great it comes with cedar oil to boost every year" - Peg

6. Get rid of that old plastic cutting board and upgrade to this bamboo cutting board that doubles as a storage container. The foldable design makes it easy to store, while the non-slip surface ensures that your cutting board won’t move around when you’re slicing and dicing.

Shop on Amazon: Cutting Board

5-Star Review: "Love the size. Use it mostly for larger quantities of vegetables or cutting up large pieces of meat & And displaying meals like tacos." - Vickie

7. Peeling garlic can be a tedious task but not with this garlic peeler! All you have to do is insert a clove of garlic into this silicone tube, roll it against a hard surface, and watch as the garlic skin comes off in seconds.

Shop on Amazon: Garlic Peeler

5-Star Review: "This looked too simple to work or make a difference, but that is absolutely not true. This makes peeling garlic incredibly easy and quick. You need this." - esjayare

8. Reduce your plastic consumption by using these reusable produce bags when shopping for fruits and vegetables. They’re machine-washable so you won’t have to worry about any lingering odors, and the transparent design makes it easy to see what type of produce is inside.

Shop on Amazon: Reusable Produce Bags

5-Star Review: "Been using them for a while now and can honestly say. They work perfectly and are pretty heavy-duty. Would buy again." - Angry gamer

9.  You don’t need a knife or cutting board when using these herb scissors. All you have to do is insert your favorite herbs, then snip away! The scissors’ design makes it easy to chop herbs without any mess.

Shop on Amazon: Herb Scissors

5-Star Review: "As we use lots of fresh herbs, I felt that these scissors would work great, and they do, plus are a comfortable fit for both my wife’s, and my hands." - W. A. Hunt

10. No more soggy salads! This salad spinner is designed to quickly remove excess water from your greens, ensuring that your salads are perfectly crisp every time.

Shop on Amazon: Salad Spinner

5-Star Review: "I was pleasantly surprised by the craftsmanship and sturdiness of the spinner. Every once in a while, one of the locks needs a little extra coaching to secure. But a fantastic spinner for real. I have been using it for about 4 months now and it has been solid every time, even filled with heavy greens." - Randi Wuhl

11. Save the planet one cup at a time by investing in this reusable coffee cup. The double-wall insulation keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer, and the sleek design won’t take away from your style. Plus, it comes with a lid to prevent spills!

Shop on Amazon: Reusable Coffee Cup

5-Star Review: "I finally found the perfect coffee cup. The lid fits perfectly with no leaking. It holds the temperature for a long time and the band around it gives you a solid grip. You get just the right amount of flow no matter how you hold it. I can sip my coffee even while reclining in my chair, and with no worries about spilling any." - david hilley jr

12. Don’t let pesky egg whites ruin your batter ever again! This egg separator does all the work for you, quickly and easily removing the yolk from the white in one swift motion.

Shop on Amazon: Egg Separator

5-Star Review: "I got two of these, one to give to my chef niece, and one to keep. She laughed and loves it! I can't bring myself to use it... it looks so gross! This is a great gift to give to those who love to cook." - ggskip

13. Get all the vitamins and minerals you need with this juicer. It extracts juice quickly and efficiently from various types of fruits and vegetables, giving you a nutrient-rich drink in no time. Plus, the design is very compact so it won’t take up too much counter space!

Shop on Amazon: Juicer 

5-Star Review: "Much better than juicers for under $80. More juice with less work!" - James Harris

From pickles to egg cookers, these 11 must-have items have everything you need to make 2023 productive and comfortable for yourself (or someone special!). So don't wait any longer—check out these amazing items today! They might just be exactly what you need in order to make this year your best one yet!

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