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31 Products That'll Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together In 2023

2023 is almost here! Get ahead of the game with our selection of top-notch products that will make you feel like you have your life together.

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If you're like most of us, then you have a never-ending list of to-dos and a million things on your plate. But don't worry—2023 is going to be the year that everything changes. With these 47 organization products, you'll finally feel like you have your crap together!

1. Keeping your spices organized can be a real chore, but with this magnetic spice rack, all of your favorite seasonings will be within arm's reach. Plus, it'll make your kitchen look ultra-fancy!

Shop on Amazon: Magnetic Spice Rack 

5-Star Review: "I showed these magnetic shelves to three of my friends the day I attached them to my refrigerator, and all three ordered them that day. There are probably a million uses for these shelves, but for me, they're perfect for spices that don't fit in the conventional spice rack. Notice how there are bottles of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce, so weight is not a problem. These magnets are STRONG! Read the reviews - everybody loves them! What are you waiting for? Order some now!" - Colorado mountains

2. Nobody likes searching through a jumbled mess of makeup in search of their favorite lipstick or eyeliner. With this clear makeup bag, everything will be accessible and neat.

Shop on Amazon: Clear Makeup Bag

5-Star Review: " I absolutely love this bag! It is durable and versatile. I’ve used it for work and want to purchase one for a travel bag. Item is as described and I will purchase more." - Amazon Customer

3. This closet organization system will help you make the most out of every inch of space in your closet (no more cramming sweaters in corners!). And the best part? It comes with adjustable shelves so that you can customize it to fit your needs perfectly.

Shop on Amazon: Closet Organization System

5-Star Review: " We have this closet system in two of our closets at home. It is easy to install and took us only about an hour to do it. It’s been so helpful in organizing our closets and really making more space for things!" - Sydney Madden

4.  If shoes are taking over your bedroom floor, then this shoe organizer is just what you need! It fits up to 12 pairs and comes in several different colors so that it can blend seamlessly into any style of home decor.

Shop on Amazon: Shoe Organizer

5-Star Review: " I was expecting some cheap stuff but it’s really sturdy and good. It took a few mins to figure out how to put it together but after two boxes it came so easily. Deff would recommend this item !! If you have big feet like a 10 in men’s you will have to put the shoe in sideways one by one. Like how it lays into a sneaker box. Fits perfect!" - Dana Dane

5. This desk organizer is essential for anyone who works from home or has a lot of paperwork lying around their desk! It helps keep everything tidy and allows for easy access when needed.

Shop on Amazon: Desk Organizer

5-Star Review: "I wanted something for my desk to help organize my things but also look stylish and this was perfect! You have to assemble it but it gave everything you needed to assemble it with as the instructions. I have it set up like the picture and love it. My only complaint would be that the pieces do slide around some because they are just sitting on top of each other but that’s not a huge problem. Worth the purchase!" - Ash M

6. This wall calendar will give you an overview of all the important dates in one place while still looking stylish on any wall! Perfect for busy professionals who need to keep track of upcoming deadlines and meetings quickly and easily.

Shop on Amazon: Wall Calendar

5-Star Review: "Large squares to put our many activities. The pretty border brightens it up." - Wendy B.

7. Paper trays are great for keeping all those pesky bills and documents in one place and out of sight! Plus, they come in lots of fun patterns so that they look great on any desk or countertop space too!

Shop on Amazon: Paper Tray

5-Star Review: "This is a good solid answer to organizing your papers if you have several types/sizes. I have regular computer paper in two sizes, special art paper, and special paper for sublimation. Keeps things in order and I can grab a type/size quickly. Great sorter/organizer." - kitten

8. Cooking can get hectic at times, but with this recipe box, all your favorite recipes will be organized in one convenient spot! Just pop it open when you're ready to whip up something tasty for dinner tonight!

Shop on Amazon: Recipe Box

5-Star Review: "This was a perfect family recipe box for all the guests to place their recipes at a recent bridal shower." - Debbie Baird

9. A file cabinet may not seem like the most exciting product on our list, but trust us—it’s essential if you want to stay organized (and sane!) throughout the year! It helps keep important paperwork from getting lost or misplaced so that everything is easy to find when needed most!

Shop on Amazon: File Cabinet 

5-Star Review: " My husband had no problem putting this together. It is perfect for what we needed in our small space. It is sturdy and moves easily." -  Joyce D. Turner

10. This shoe organizer rack is a great way to keep your shoes organized and off the floor! It fits up to 48 pairs and comes in several different sizes so that it can fit into any style of home.

Shop on Amazon: Shoe Organizer Rack

5-Star Review: "I highly recommend it! Easy and quick to assemble, sturdy and adjustable height/shelves - Love it!" - R. Copeman

11. A label maker is an essential tool for anyone who needs to quickly identify items in their office or home. It’s especially useful for those who have to regularly organize and sort through supplies or paperwork.

Shop on Amazon: Label Maker

5-Star Review: "We've used this thing to label everything in the house and shop. Easy to use and intuitive. It's a bit bulky, but it works as advertised and at a very good price."- J. Fisher

12. This drawer organizer is so awesome, you might just open the drawer and stare for fun! It helps keep everything in its place and makes finding what you need a breeze.

Shop on Amazon: Drawer Organizer

5-Star Review: "I like this product! Ziplock bags are always so bulk and have different heights of packaging. Storing them in a drawer is a nightmare. I love that this organizer comes with pre-made labels and has an extra slot of miscellaneous kitchen items like rubber bands and chip clips. It's definitely wide, so make sure you measure your drawer first. Bamboo is well made and it looks sleek and classy." - Anna

13. This double-sided magnetic whiteboard is a great way to keep track of tasks and ideas without taking up valuable wall space. Plus, it’s perfect for jotting down notes during meetings or brainstorming sessions!

Shop on Amazon: Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard

5-Star Review: "Perfect! Nice size, easy to clean, and I love all the extras being magnetic to the board!" - Rae0924

14. The classic bulletin board gets an upgrade with this wall-mounted design! It’s great for pinning reminders and other important documents while keeping your workspace free from clutter.

Shop on Amazon: Wall-Mounted Bulletin Board

5-Star Review: "The board is exactly what I wanted, I bought it primarily to use for my Unsolved Cases games /any mystery games, etc. that I play so that I could see all my evidence at once. I got the biggest size and it's huge, bigger than I thought it was going to be and perfect for what I need it for. So far so good, I’ll update my review if anything changes" - Brenda

15. A dry-erase calendar is a perfect way to stay on top of all your upcoming tasks, deadlines, and appointments without taking up too much space in your office or home. Plus, it’s easily erasable and customizable to fit your needs perfectly.

Shop on Amazon: Dry Erase Calendar

5-Star Review: "This fridge calendar is just what I was looking for! We have a busy schedule and my mind is sometimes very forgetful so this is a big help to remind me of things we have planned. It's a perfect size, and easy to clean. Very happy with this purchase." - Shayla Emerick

16. Wall hooks are an easy way to add storage anywhere in your home without taking up too much space or compromising on style! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Shop on Amazon: Wall Hooks

5-Star Review: "These are so nice! I did remove the back adhesive very easily and put the command strips instead so I can relocate them after Xmas. They will hold a very heavy stocking of 7-8 pounds. Then I will reuse it in the hallway for coats!!" - Gretchen Jacobs

17. If you take multiple medications each day, then this pill organizer is the perfect solution for keeping them organized and easily accessible. It comes with seven compartments so that you can quickly identify which pills should be taken at what time.

Shop on Amazon: Pill organizer

5-Star Review: "This is exactly what I wanted! It’s perfect for someone like me who constantly forgets my supplements. Easy to use and pretty sturdy! I’ve used it for weeks now and it still works great, dropped it and it was fine!" - Andrea Linhares

18. This desk pad is great for writing down notes or ideas while still keeping your workspace looking neat and tidy. Plus, it comes with a non-slip back so that your papers stay where you put them!

Shop on Amazon: Desk Pad

5-Star Review: "It’s thin and larger than I expected which is a good thing, I can use my mouse anywhere and the color is exactly what I wanted" - Ally

19. This cable management system is perfect for those who have lots of cords and cables running around their desk or home office. It helps keep everything organized while still allowing easy access to the outlets or devices you need!

Shop on Amazon: Cable Management System

5-Star Review: "Product does what it says, has great variations of types, and was of good quality. One thing I would keep in mind is the length of the self-closing wraps, if you have a large case and the wires have to travel the height and width of the case may not be long enough. Otherwise great product for the price compared to the others I found." - J.D.

20. These hanging file folders are perfect for keeping papers in order and out of sight. They come with labels so that you can easily identify what’s inside without having to take them down each time. Plus, they look great too!

Shop on Amazon: Hanging File Folders

5-Star Review: "They won't be able to carry a ton of paper, but they work very well if you use them with a moderate load." - Ginou Kaur Khalsa

21. Don't let your underwear pile up in a drawer. Get an underwear organizer and keep your drawers neat and organized. It will help you find the right pair quickly with its separate compartments for different types of underwear, socks, and bras.

Shop on Amazon: Underwear Organizer

5-Star Review: "Those foldable drawers are really easy to assemble and really sturdy. Great price and great product plus I love they come in many sizes and shapes." - Yaritzy

22. If you’re a fan of magazines, then this magazine rack is the perfect way to store them and keep them out of sight. Plus, it’s stackable so that you can add more as your collection grows!

Shop on Amazon: Magazine Rack

5-Star Review: "put some books and makeup in this as a gift for my teenage cousin and she loved it! so cute and looks so nice in her room by her desk!" - Amazon Customer

23. If you have a lot of jewelry, then this jewelry organizer is perfect for keeping it all organized and ready. It comes with different compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces and more so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Shop on Amazon: Jewelry Organizer

5-Star Review: "I love this box. It’s spacious. Wish there were slots for necklaces though. But for the price, it’s worth it. And the travel box is -chefs kiss- !" - C & C

24. This desk caddy is great for keeping your pens, pencils, scissors, and other small office supplies organized and within reach. Plus, it has a non-slip bottom so that it stays put!

Shop on Amazon: Desk Caddy

5-Star Review: "I bought this for my desk. It holds pens in one section, pencils in one section, mechanical pencils in one section, and markers in one section. I am really enjoying using this!" - Buscatlady

25. This monitor stand is perfect for keeping your computer screen at the right height and angle while freeing up space on your desk. Plus, it comes with two built-in USB ports so that you can easily connect all of your devices!

Shop on Amazon: Monitor Stand

5-Star Review: "Seems well made. Holds a 34-inch and my 32-inch just fine. Should have done it sooner. Didn’t think I’d use the USB ports but they are handy." - john mitchell

26.  If your home or office is overflowing with books, then this bookshelf is the perfect solution for keeping them organized and out of sight. It comes in a variety of sizes so that you can find the one that fits your needs best!

Shop on Amazon: Bookshelf

5-Star Review: "This shelving unit was exactly what my office needed. I love subtle lighting and this is great with 3 lighting options. Plenty of shelf space for any decor. I have carpet so I put 2 small furniture movers under the front 2 legs to make it extra sturdy."

27. Drawer dividers are great for keeping all of your items, such as socks and underwear, separated and easily accessible. Plus, they come in different colors so you can add a bit of style to your drawers.

Shop on Amazon: Drawer Dividers

5-Star Review: "This item is excellent, just finished a kitchen remodel, and we needed dividers for the new cabinet drawers. My wife was so impressed with these, She had me order another set. Who knows, as we keep refilling drawers may need to order more! Give them a try, think you will be pleasantly surprised." - R Baerny

28. This cutlery tray is perfect for keeping all of your utensils organized and within easy reach. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with non-slip feet so that it stays put!

Shop on Amazon: Cutlery Tray

5-Star Review: "Really saved so much room in my drawer, happy with the purchase. Not easy to clean at all with the inside holes." - Cassandra Noble

29. These kitchen shelf organizers are great for keeping your spices, condiments and other items organized and easily accessible. Plus, they come in different sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Shop on Amazon: Kitchen Shelf Organizers

5-Star Review: "This is a great design with super versatility. I hate clutter and this is just what the over-organizer ordered!"- Karen Q

30. This purse organizer is perfect for keeping all of your essentials organized and within easy reach. Plus, it fits into most purses so you can quickly transfer everything from one bag to another.

Shop on Amazon: Purse Organizer

5-Star Review: "It’s the perfect size for my bag! At first, I was going to eyeball it but I decided to make sure the measurements were correct. I love that it’s interchangeable with the cup holder which is what truly sold the product to me. I’m still using and I love it. Keeps my bag neat and organized." - Kierra B.

31. Finally, these storage bins are great for storing all of your items in an organized way. It’s stackable so that you can easily add more as your collection grows, and it comes in a variety of colors too!

Shop on Amazon: Storage Bins

5-Star Review: "I was very pleased with the Storage Bins; the color was perfect and they fit GREAT in my Ikea Kallax units. I originally only ordered 1 set but once I got them, they were perfect, so I ordered more." - roger hunt

That's everything for now! Hope this list helped inspire you to get organized. Good luck with all of your organizing endeavors!

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