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19 Super Duper Adorably Cute Things That Are Sure To Make Your Heart Melt

There's nothing quite like a little bit of sweetness to make your day. Check out these 19 super duper adorable things that are sure to make your heart melt!

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If you’re looking for something unique, fun, and above all, cute to purchase on Amazon, then look no further! We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the cutest things you can buy right now. From a tiny baby koala plushie to an adorable pet-shaped coffee mug, these items are sure to make your heart melt!

1. This small and fuzzy koala plushie is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It comes with a sweet baby koala bear and its super soft fabric makes it perfect for cuddling.

Shop on Amazon: Koala Plushie

5-Star Review: "A gift for my lady and she loves it!" - Eric

2. Perfect for any pet lover, this ceramic mug features an adorable design of a dog. It also comes in several designs so you can pick your favorite!

Shop on Amazon: Pet-Shaped Coffee Mug

5-Star Review: " Cute as can be - purchased 2 one for myself and husband." - Lynn S.

3. Who doesn’t love sloths? This pillow is shaped like one of these slow-moving creatures and made with extra fluffy faux fur material that’s perfect for snuggling up with while watching tv or reading a book.

Shop on Amazon: Fluffy Sloth Pillow 

5-Star Review: "This bank is so cute. It is very large which I wanted. It was packaged very carefully BUT arrived in the box which showed what was inside, not a brown Amazon box. All in all, I do love it and my giftee will love it." - Happy Shopper

4. Give someone special in your life an extra special gift by getting them this personalized teddy bear. You can add their name or a sweet message on their shirt which will make them feel truly loved and appreciated.

Shop on Amazon: Personalized Teddy Bear 

5-Star Review: "Sent this to my bf as a little reminder that his post-surgery recovery was gonna be okay. And the son lyric that I put on the shirt was just what he needed to know I’m here always." - Danielle

5.  This cute corgi-shaped pencil holder is perfect for storing all your writing utensils and holding your phone! It’s made of plastic material and comes in different styles so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Shop on Amazon: Corgi-Shaped Pencil Holder 

5-Star Review: "I got it as a gift for my boss and she loved it! It instantly made her smile. Would recommend it!" - Holly

6. Perfect for any feline fanatics out there, this color-changing night light will make sure your little kitty stays safe during late-night walks around the house! The LED lights come in seven different colors that change automatically every few minutes so you never get bored with them!

Shop on Amazon: Color-Changing Cat Night Light

5-Star Review: "Love the changing colors and easy function to change either by tapping or remote control. Much brighter than I had anticipated but for the money, it does the job and works perfectly." - Mariah

Shop on Amazon: Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter Set

5-Star Review: "Love the variety of heart sizes in this set. They are comfortable to use, easy to clean, and come with their own case so they won't get bent. Would buy again, recommend to others, and give as a gift." - L. Benton

8. This plush chicken bag is the perfect accessory for any fashionista. It comes in two sizes, small and medium, and features a zipper closure so all your items stay safe inside! Not to mention how absolutely adorable this bag looks when you hook it onto your shoulder.

Shop on Amazon: Plush Chicken Bag 

5-Star Review: "This bag makes me smile from ear to ear when I see it. P.s. every time I wear it, strangers walk by and say I LOVE your bag." - Alison Furlin

9. Accessorize your look with these cute cat ear hair accessories! They come in four different colors so you can mix and match them with your outfit. Plus, they’re made of high-quality material so they won’t tangle or break easily.

Shop on Amazon: Cat Ear Hair Accessories 

5-Star Review: "Used for my dtrs Gabby cat party. They are super comfortable you forget your wearing them great buy!" - Valerie Varner

10. Don’t ever lose your keys again with this squirrel-shaped key holder! It comes with six hooks, one for each of your house or car keys. Plus, its cute design makes it a fun decorative piece for any room in the house.

Shop on Amazon: Squirrel Shape Key Holder 

5-Star Review: "These are super cute. My kid loves them and other kids do, too. We use them to hang ukuleles." - Lauren Hook

11.  Snuggle up your feet in these super soft polar bear slippers! They come in two different sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your feet. Plus, they’re made with non-slip material so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while wearing them around the house.

Shop on Amazon: Polar Bear Slippers

5-Star Review: "This is my second pair. Other pair wore out and had to get another pair. Measurement is accurate with shoe size. Make sure to size up if you plan on wearing thick socks." - Mark Stevens

12. Keep your furniture safe from scratches and scuffs with these chair socks! They come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can pick the one that best matches your home decor. Plus, they’re made of durable material so they won’t slip off easily.

Shop on Amazon: Chair Socks 

5-Star Review: "Love my kitty feet. Not only do they work well (except large tapered legs) but good conversation starters. They have regular plain ones, but kitty paws are more fun" - Thomas Burling

13. This lipstick set comes in a unique earphone-shaped box that’s perfect for keeping your lipsticks organized and easy to find. Not to mention how cute it looks!  

Shop on Amazon: Lipstick Set

5-Star Review: "I love the package and works so well! The colors are so pretty! Perfect for my purse! I love it!" - Celestina Marie

14. Show some love and appreciation for cats with these fun cat butt magnets! They come in several colors so you can pick the one that best suits your fridge or other metal surfaces. Plus, they look super cute and are sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them!

Shop on Amazon: Cat Butt Magnets 

5-Star Review: "This is just ADORABLE. They were handled and packaged with care! I’m going back on to see what else this vendor has. Highly recommended!" - Teddy Soza

15. Celebrate island-style with this charming pink pig cocktail tiki mug - perfect for adding some tropical flair to your next party!

Shop on Amazon: Pink Pig Cocktail Tiki Mug

5-Star Review: “I saw these cups when visiting Cafe 21 in downtown San Diego and had to get one. I’m so excited to use my new cup! I think it’s so cute and definitely adds some spark to cocktails!” – Allie servey

16. Never miss an important appointment or meeting with this cute rabbit alarm clock! It features a user-friendly design that makes it easy to set up and comes with three different alarms so you can customize the sound. Plus, it looks absolutely adorable on any nightstand!

Shop on Amazon: Cute Rabbit Alarm Clock

5-Star Review: “Very cute. Feels soft and silky. Works great. Love that it is rechargeable and charge lasts for months." - H T

17. Make a statement with these unique jellyfish earrings that glow in the dark! They come in different colors so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Plus, they look absolutely stunning on anyone who wears them!

Shop on Amazon: Glow Dark Jellyfish Earrings

5-Star Review: “I love these earrings they are so cute they are pretty big but it just makes them pop so much more and I absolutely can’t wait to wear them everywhere!!! They also really do glow in the dark, it’s just that a lot of light has to hit them first before they do glow but still they are so cool!!!!" - Alyssa

18. Take your love of literature to the next level with this DIY miniature bookstore model! It comes with everything you need to assemble your own tiny bookshop, including bookshelves, tables, and more. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage reading in young children.

Shop on Amazon: DIY Miniature Bookstore Model

5-Star Review: “SO addicting, SO well built, SO detailed. I am on kit three and my animals are being neglected. They do require a bit of patience, my 12 year old grandson needs my help, but that makes it even more perfect." - S. Stevens

19. Stay dry and look stylish at the same time with these paw print rain boots! They come in three different sizes so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Plus, they feature a non-slip sole for added safety and are sure to make any rainy day more fun.

Shop on Amazon: Paw Print Rain Boots 

5-Star Review: "I used it for building Beaver Dam Analogs in a nature preserve, lots of walking, and stepping in and out of the stream with uneven footing. They worked well, kept my feet dry, and provided enough support. And were the best-looking boots out there!" - laureno

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