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Grin and Bear It! What To Do When You Get A Gift You Don't Like?

Don't know what to do when you get a gift you don't like? Check out our guide for the best way to react!

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We've all been there. Your well-meaning friend, relative, or significant other has lovingly chosen and wrapped a gift for you—but it's something you don't like. Maybe the color is wrong, the style doesn't fit your personality, or the gift just isn't something you need. Whatever the reason for not liking the gift, it can be awkward to tell someone how you feel without hurting their feelings. So what do you do in this situation? Read on for some tips on navigating this tricky situation with grace and tact.

Be Kind and Thankful

Even if you don’t like the present, it is important to remember that people put thought into selecting a gift for you out of care and goodwill so be sure to thank them for their effort. A simple “Thank you so much for thinking of me!” will go a long way in conveying your appreciation while also avoiding any hurt feelings.

Be Honest (But Polite)

If there are certain aspects of the gift that just won’t work with your lifestyle or personality, let them know in a polite way. For example, if they bought you a bright yellow dress and it’s not your style, try saying “Oh wow! That color looks great on you but I don’t think it would look quite right on me!” By being honest but still diplomatic about why the gift isn’t right for you, your friend may even appreciate your honesty as it helps them understand better what kind of gifts to give you next time around.

Re-Gift It (To Someone Who Will Appreciate It!)

Maybe there is someone else who would love this particular item as much as your gifter did when they purchased it! If someone close to both of you comes to mind who would likely adore that same item, then re-gifting may be an option worth considering. Just make sure that whoever receives the re-gifted present never finds out its original giver was not them – that could get really awkward really fast!

Final Thoughts

No matter how hard we try to pick out perfect presents for our loved ones, sometimes our efforts miss the mark – which can make things uncomfortable if they open up something they don’t like or need in front of us.

If ever this happens to you remember these three tips: Be thankful and kind; be honest but polite; consider re-gifting it (to someone who will appreciate it). Doing these things will help keep everyone involved feeling good about themselves while preserving relationships at the same time!

Good luck!