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The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Dive into our ultimate collection of White Elephant gifts for 2023, ranging from the whimsically random to the practical. Whether you're planning ahead or scrambling for a last-minute find, our guide offers creative and laugh-inducing options for everyone.

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A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a holiday tradition filled with fun and laughter, where participants exchange quirky and unexpected gifts. The challenge isn’t in competing for the best gift, but in finding that bizarrely perfect item that leaves everyone asking, “Who thought of this amazingly random masterpiece?”

Great news! We've combed through Amazon to bring you the best White Elephant gifts of 2023! Our lists cover everything from the quirky to the practical, and we've even included some last-minute ideas for the procrastinators out there.

FISHY FEET Funny Socks

But what exactly is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

It's a hilarious gift-swapping party where everyone brings a wrapped present, typically something odd, funny, or just plain unusual. It's a good idea to check with the host about the type of gift they expect, as some exchanges might be more serious or practical. Players draw numbers to determine their turn. The first player picks a gift from the pile and opens it for all to see. On their turn, players can either choose a new wrapped gift or "steal" one that’s already been opened. After a gift has been stolen three times, it's off-limits. Following the last player’s turn, the first player gets a chance to steal any gift, even those that are frozen!

Positive Potato, 3-inch Knitted Potato Toy

Top 16 Most Random & Fun White Elephant Gifts

Match-up Memory Snack Tray

Top 15 Quirky but Practical White Elephant Gifts

French Fry Holder and Sauce Holder Set
Foodie Dice
Foodie Dice – What’s for Dinner Made Easy
Bear Hands Oven Mitts
Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Top 7 Last-Minute White Elephant Gifts That'll Still Impress

Last Minute Gifts
  1. Lottery Scratchers Bonanza: Pop a bunch of lottery scratchers into a box or envelope. It's a simple yet thrilling choice that everyone loves. Trust us, it's a crowd-pleaser!
  2. Creative Cash Creations: Get artsy with your money. Fold it into an origami elephant or craft a wreath from $1 bills. It's money with a creative twist that'll earn you extra points for originality.
  3. Autographed Photo of You: Quick and quirky! Grab a photo of yourself, print it at a local store, and frame it. Want to up the ante? Slip some cash or scratchers behind the photo for an added surprise.
  4. The Deceptively Boring Gift Card: Hide a gift card inside something utterly mundane, like a pair of socks. It’s the ultimate "don’t judge a book by its cover" gift.
  5. Thrift Store Trophy: Dash to your nearest thrift store and hunt for the most bizarre item you can find. You're almost guaranteed to unearth a unique treasure.
  6. Batteries (Gift Not Included): Give a pack of batteries with a cheeky note saying “Gift Not Included.” It's a humorous nod to every gadget gift ever given without batteries.
  7. Relaxation Trio: Combine a magazine, a roll of toilet paper, and a candle. It's a practical, yet amusing combo that hints at some quality bathroom time.


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