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17 Cute and Quirky Easter Tree Ornaments You Need This Season

Get ready to hop into the holiday spirit with these stunning Easter tree ornaments! From bright egg and cuddly bunnies, you'll have everyone oohing and ahhing this season.

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Easter egg trees were traditionally outdoor decorations in Scandinavia and Germany, but they've recently become increasingly popular in the United States. With Spring knocking at our doors and Easter inching closer, we're all excited to dive into the festive mood. And what better way to infuse your home with some seasonal cheer than by adding an Easter tree? But hold on a second, what's an Easter tree without its adorable ornaments? We know that you're perplexed and bursting with curiosity about which quirky ornaments to hang on it. Fret not, for we've got you covered! Get ready to explore our top 17 picks of cute and quirky Easter tree ornaments that are an absolute must-have this season.

Felt Bunny Ornaments

If you're searching for the perfect Easter ornaments that's adorable and eco-friendly, look no further than these felt bunny ornaments! Made of 100% natural wool felt and hand felted in Nepal, that gives a rustic charm that is hard to resist. One satisfied customer raves, "Cute addition to my Easter decor." So whether you're looking for a lovely decoration for your toy room, a fun addition to your bedroom, or a playful accent for your Easter tree, these felt bunny ornaments are a perfect choice.

Easter Egg Ornaments

Spring has sprung, and there's no better way to celebrate than with some festive Easter decorations! These easter egg ornaments are adorned with a vintage-style picture featuring everything from bunnies and chicks to colorful flowers and Easter eggs. The designs are absolutely delightful and have a charming, old-school vibe that's hard to resist. One five-star customer said, "I am so glad I purchased these after going back and forth on them, they are a little brighter than what I like but their still so pretty and vintage looking, the designs on them are really spring-ish looking, they come with ribbon loops attached and hang on my Easter Tree really nicely!" Plus, it comes with matching satin ribbon loops, making them easy to decorate on my Easter tree or wherever else you want to display them.

Carrot Ornaments

If you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your Easter home decor, look no further than these delightful Carrot Ornaments. Made from premium styrofoam material, these carrots are not only lightweight and durable, but they're also incredibly lifelike, with vibrant colors and green leaves on top that make them look just like the real thing. Not only can you display them in your living room or kitchen for a fun Easter touch, but they also make great children's toys, photography props, and painting subjects. And if you're feeling especially creative, you can even save some for the wintertime to use as snowman noses!

Chick Ornaments

Looking for the perfect Easter ornaments to add a touch of springtime whimsy to your home or party? Look no further than these adorable Chick Ornaments. Featuring a cartoon baby chick hatching from a broken eggshell, these ornaments are a delightful reminder that spring has officially sprung. They are made from high-quality materials with thick, sturdy felt fabric with sponge inside, adorned with newborn chick patterns, and are incredibly versatile.

Bunny Ear Ornaments

The Easter season is about to hop into action! Add a touch of whimsy with these adorable Bunny Ear Ornaments. These decorations will brighten up any room and make the perfect addition to your holiday collection. Made from sturdy wood material, you can use these versatile bunny ears for Easter parties, weddings and home decor alike. Get ready to add some fun and playful style with these cute little ears - they'll liven up any space in an instant!

Floral Ornaments

Delight your home with these beautiful, affordable Floral Ornaments! Crafted from high-quality wood material that is both durable and stylishly polished, the wooden tulips come in vibrant yellow and purple colors, complete with green leaves for a natural touch. Plus, they are easy to hang up with the ropes included - no fuss required! Get ready to add some Easter beauty to your home this season - these ornaments will bring all the charm you need!

Easter Basket Ornaments

As Easter approaches, it's time to start planning your decorations and crafts to celebrate this joyful occasion. These miniature Easter baskets are made of quality plastic material, the mini Easter basket is sturdy and long-lasting, and the Easter egg form decoration and carrots for Easter decorations are made of foam, light and cute, these decorations can serve you for a long time. These mini baskets for favors can be applied to your miniature Easter village decorations or as your easter tree ornaments. You can put carrots and colorful eggs in these mini baskets and make a cute Easter display, or make fantastic Easter gifts for kids. Besides, you can hide them under the grass in your yard, and hold a treasure-seeking game. It's a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones this Easter.

Butterfly Ornaments

If you're looking to add a touch of charm to your home this Easter season, you'll want to check out these Butterfly Ornaments. These butterflies are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, meaning you'll be able to use them for years to come. Plus, the 3D design adds an extra layer of dimension and texture that really brings them to life.

They are the perfect addition to any floral arrangement or decoration, one five-star customer raves, "These are perfect, added them to floral bouquets, and wreaths. They look lovely and very realistic. The wire on the back is perfect for posing them how you like. Good value for the price got lots of sizes and color assortment in similar pink patterns - very happy with the purchase." One of the standout features of these ornaments is their versatility. Not only are they perfect for adding a pop of color to your spring or fall decor, but they can also be used for special occasions like weddings and Christmas.

Easter Bunny Ornaments

Bring the Easter spirit into your home with these adorable Bunny Ornaments! With four unique designs to choose from, each crafted from plush, wood, jute, and feathers for a durable and cuddly finish, you'll be able to mix and match for limitless decor combinations. Perfect for kids' Easter gifts or simply snuggling up on the couch - make this Easter season one to remember with these wonderful decorations!

Bird Ornaments

If you're looking for the perfect addition to your holiday decorations this year, look no further than these Bird Ornaments! Laser cut from poplar wood, these ornaments are both durable and stunning, with intricate details that make them stand out from the rest. The laser cutting technology ensures that every ornament is precise and identical, while the poplar wood gives each ornament a unique grain pattern. You can really see and feel the care that goes into making these ornaments, which makes them all the more special. The set comes with 24 ornaments, each in a different color, so you can mix and match to your heart's content. One of the best things about these ornaments is the black thread they come with for hanging. One customer raves, "I like the size, and color and they look adorable on my tree."

Eggshell Ornaments

Add a touch of elegance to your holiday decorations with these exquisite Eggshell Ornaments! Handcrafted from real eggshells and lovingly painted with intricate designs, these ornaments will bring a delicate beauty to any decor collection. You can admire the attention to detail in each ornament, knowing that a lot of care and skill has gone into creating them. Plus, their lightweight design won't weigh down your branches or decorations - they'll catch the light beautifully, adding an extra sparkle to your home this festive season!

Spring Flower Ornaments

Celebrate the beauty of spring with these stunning Flower Ornaments! With 27 pieces in total, each set includes 9 unique designs with 3 pieces each so you can mix and match to create your perfect decor theme. Plus, they're crafted from solid wood for durability - their edges are polished to prevent scratches or injuries, making them a thoughtful, reliable and versatile addition to any decor collection. Add a taste of sunshine to your home this spring with these gorgeous flower ornaments!

Easter Chickadee Ornaments

Add some charm to your Easter decor with these delightful Chickadee Ornaments! Each set contains 4 adorable birds, crafted from durable resin for lasting enjoyment. Their intricate feather designs and lifelike eyes bring them to life, making them a realistic and charming addition to any space. Whether you hang them on an Easter tree, wreath, or around the house, these chickadee bird ornaments will add a beautiful touch of whimsy and delight - plus, their wintery theme makes them perfect for transitioning into spring and beyond!

Ladybug Ornaments

Give your Easter tree a touch of nature-inspired charm with these delightful Ladybug Glass Ornaments! Crafted from high-quality glass, each set includes adorable little critters with vibrant red and black colors and intricate spots and patterns. They’re delicate yet durable, making them perfect for Easter tree displays, but equally great for year-round use. Plus, they’re so versatile – whether you’re decorating the tree or sprucing up your home décor, these charming Ladybug Ornaments will add an extra special touch! One customer said, "I’m displaying this year round because it’s so adorable!" They're cute, durable, and versatile, making them a great investment for years to come.

Carved Egg Ornaments

If you want to bring some extra charm and whimsy to your Easter tree this year, look no further than these unique and handcrafted wooden egg ornaments. The beautifully carved details in each piece will add a vintage flair to any space, as well as a warm inviting glow. Plus, these special decorations are incredibly straightforward and simple to use; the rabbit model can be affixed with either glue or nails but comes without the hanging ring. Each piece is made of natural materials, ensuring that no two pieces are ever the same - making them one of a kind! Stock up on these must-have Easter decorations today!

Easter Glass Egg Ornaments

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to start adding some seasonal sparkle to your home with these beautiful hand-painted Glass Egg Ornaments. Crafted with love and care from high-quality materials, these heirloom-quality ornaments are made to last for many holidays to come. Their delicate size makes them perfect for hanging from an ornament tree, a satisfied customer says, "Great glass ornaments for my Easter Tree. Looks amazing." This set includes 12 blown glass ornaments, with 6 assorted patterns to choose from, giving you a range of options to create the perfect Easter display. Strings are also attached for effortless decorating. Not only are these Easter Glass Egg Ornaments a delightful addition to your own home decor, but they also make fantastic gifts for friends and loved ones. Imagine filling a holiday basket with one of these extra special Easter-themed pieces and watching as the recipient's face lights up with joy.

Easter Lamb Ornaments

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to add a touch of springtime charm to your tree than with a personalized Easter Lamb Ornament? This delightful keepsake is crafted from durable MDF with a high-gloss plastic finish, ensuring that your design will last a lifetime. One of the standout features of this ornament is the exquisite image, which is vibrantly printed from edge-to-edge via sublimation. Unlike other ornaments, the image is not blurred, and the hand feel is smooth, making it a pleasure to touch and admire. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect souvenir to record history.

Not only it is a charming addition to your own home decor, but it also makes a wonderful present item for your loved ones on special occasions. Imagine the delight on their faces as they unwrap their very own personalized ornament, created just for them. It comes with a festive gold cord for easy hanging and is simple to add to your existing decorations.

Final Thoughts

These 17 cute and quirky Easter tree ornaments are the perfect addition to any Easter tree display. Whether you're creating a themed Easter tree, decorating a mantel, or simply looking for unique and charming additions to your existing decor, these ornaments are sure to delight and impress. So, go ahead and start shopping - you're sure to find the perfect ornaments to make this Easter season one to remember!