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23 Things To Help Keep Your Dog Happy In 2023

Looking to keep your pup happy in the new year? Here are 23 things to keep in mind!

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It's no secret that dogs bring joy and happiness to our lives. With the new year of 2023 upon us, now is the perfect time to think about how we can keep our canine companions happy. From daily walks and healthy treats to plenty of playtime, there are many simple things you can do to ensure your dog has a great year ahead. Here are 23 helpful things that can to keep your dog happy in 2023!

1. Are you looking for a guide to help make your puppy happy and well-trained in 2023? The Happy Puppy Handbook is the definitive source of information on puppy care and early training. Written by experienced dog trainers, this comprehensive guide helps new pet owners navigate through the challenges of keeping up with their pup's needs and mastering dog behavior basics.

Shop on Amazon: The Happy Puppy Handbook

5-Star Review: “Being a first time dog owner I wanted to be informed and prepared. This book fulfilled those goals and more. Using modern methods and behavioral science this book gave us the practical advice we needed to prepare for our puppy's arrival. It also helped us understand her development and use her natural behaviors to our advantage. I really liked the section about choosing what was important to you to help prioritize and focus on tangible goals. Mine was to have a well behaved dog I could take anywhere, that pretty much sums it up! We also wanted to give her what she needs for a happy, healthy life. The training advice has been great, we started right in and it has paid off. Overall this was the best of several books we purchased. It's well written, easy to understand and immediately made good sense to us. I highly recommend it.” – Riven Gal

2. As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our four-legged friends. If you are looking for a treat that will make your pup smile and keep their teeth healthy in 2023, then look no further than these Dog Chews. These natural dental chews are long-lasting, gluten-free, and provide dogs with essential minerals to promote strong oral health.

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5-Star Review: “I have a young Lab, who loves these things. Crunchy, light, healthy, great snack for between meals.” – Caesar70

3. Are you looking for a way to make your dog happy in 2023? Then Probiotic Soft Chews is the perfect solution. This natural supplement offers many benefits, including digestive support, immunity health, and relief from seasonal allergies, occasional diarrhea and constipation. The chewable tablets are packed with vitamins and minerals that help keep your pup feeling their best.

Shop on Amazon: PetHonesty Digestive Probiotic Soft Chews

5-Star Review: “Picky eater, so sometimes it takes a few tries and a small dab of real peanut butter to get him to eat it, but it definitely works like a charm. Stools had been soft and he was straining a lot for a few weeks, i got some pumpkin powder a week ago and he ate it at first but started snubbing it. Decided to give this a try because of the good reviews , and after 2 days he is right as rain. So far it is very worth the price.” – LMFoster

4. For pet owners looking to make their dog happy in 2023, the Dog Clippers is an absolute must. This innovative product provides the perfect combination of power and convenience, giving you everything you need to keep your furry friend looking their best, no matter what breed or size.

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5-Star Review: “Before getting these clippers I had the hardest time grooming my new puppy. The pet I version was so noisy it they really scared her and the human ones couldn’t get through her long hair.These clippers charge quickly, are easy to use, relatively soft hum as long as the plastic head is on correctly and cut through her hair quickly leaving us with an even trim all over.” -Avery

5. This no-pull dog Harness is available in royal, blue, navy blue, large size and it was designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. It features adjustable straps for a secure fit and an ergonomic design that helps prevent chafing. The harness also has a quick-release buckle for easy removal when necessary. It can be used for everyday activities such as walking or running, as well as agility training or any kind of outdoor activity you choose to do with your pooch!

Shop on Amazon: PetSafe Dog Harness

5-Star Review: “This harness really works to reduce the pulling that can hurt your shoulder, back and hips. The clasp on the chest, pulls him sideways when he pulls, so he pulls a lot less. After having one for two years, I bought 2 more, so they're in every location including my two houses and car. I really recommend this, but make sure you measure their chest to get the right size. I put little dabs of super glue on the adjustment areas so, once fitted, it stays the right size.” – Peter

6. This unique Stroller offers a comfortable and secure ride for small, medium, and large pets alike. It features an extra long frame design with ample space for your pet to stretch out or sit upright in style. The stroller also comes with a plush interior cushioning system, so your pet can always feel comfortable on every adventure. Additionally, the adjustable handlebar allows you to easily adjust the height of the stroller as needed. With its durable construction and sleek design, this product is sure to become a staple of your daily walks with your furry friend in 2023!

Shop on Amazon: HPZ Pet Stroller

5-Star Review: “My baby girl cannot walk for a while and this fur baby push chair is perfect. Well constructed, sturdy and moves easy. This is a life changing purchase for us..” – Clarita Pink

7. This premium quality Dry Dog Food is rich in natural ingredients that help promote healthy digestion and overall wellbeing for adult dogs. It contains real chicken as the first ingredient along with highly digestible grains like brown rice and oatmeal. The formula also includes prebiotics, probiotics, and pumpkin which helps support a healthy gut microbiome. Additionally, this recipe includes omega fatty acids from fish oil which helps keep your pooch's coat soft and shiny.

Shop on Amazon: Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

5-Star Review: “Our dog has some issues with regular dog food. She is able to tolerate the Blue Buffalo Blissful Belly. I have never tried the food so I am not it rates 5 starts. My dog likes it, so I guess we will stick with the rating.” – Rick Wright

8. As the world celebrates the coming of 2023, many pet owners are looking for ways to make their dogs happy. The Dog Coat could be the perfect solution! This stylish and reversible dog jacket offers waterproof protection against winter weather while keeping your pup cozy and warm in style.

Shop on Amazon: Kuoser Warm Dog Coat

5-Star Review: “I bought this two years ago and Tuna is still wearing it. The velcro allows you to adjust the size a little. It's warm and inexpensive. Tuna is a dense 65lb pocket bully with a big neck and big chest. She's wearing an XL. I thought I'd finally drop a review after it got so cold where I live. We were walking in 25 degree weather and she was fine. When I took the jacket off after the walk, I could feel the warmth the jacket retained.” – Shannon

9. Hock Braces are the perfect way to give your furry friend the help they need when dealing with a hindleg injury. These braces come with safety reflective straps that provide additional protection and security for your pup while they heal. Constructed from top-quality materials, these braces are designed to be both comfortable and durable for your canine companion. With this revolutionary product, you can make sure that your dog is as healthy as possible in no time!

Shop on Amazon: NeoAlly Dog Hock Braces

5-Star Review: “These dog braces are amazing. My dog suffers from arthritis on his back leg and these braces have helped him walk without limping so much. He has the support and doesn’t fear putting his leg down when walking. They are flexible allowing my dog bend his leg without discomfort yet sturdy, allowing my dog feel supportI highly recommend. I’m about to purchase another set maybe two to have as back up.” – Mreview

10. Dog owners everywhere are looking for ways to make their dogs happy and safe in 2023. Pet Hoodz is the perfect way to do that with its selection of anxiety-reducing, grooming, and ear protection products. From calming pet hoodies to ear muffs specifically designed to provide dogs with compression and protection from loud noises, your pup will be comfortable and content.

Shop on Amazon: Pet Hoodz

5-Star Review: “Awesome product that is very helpful when using the grooming dryer on dogs. It keeps the noise level down and makes them feel really comfy. Thanks!” – Mitchell Allen

11. To help make your dog's life even more enjoyable in the year 2023, we've found the ultimate toy for your pup: Dog Toys! With this amazing toy, you won't have to worry about messy stuffing all over your home — these toys are completely stuffless! The fabric is soft yet durable enough to withstand plenty of rough playtimes. Plus, its squeaking sound will keep your pup entertained for hours. Not only is this toy perfect for indoor play but it also helps support dogs in need; a portion of the proceeds go towards helping rescue animals find their forever homes. So what are you waiting for?

Shop on Amazon: Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Stuffless Squeaky Dog Toys!

5-Star Review: “This popped up on my “recommended” items and I had to stop and write a review. I have a two year old pitbull/lab mix that I adopted in September of 2020. We got this toy in October of 2020 and it is still going strong! “Duckie” is one of her favorite toys and one of the few she knows by name. It’s also 1 of 2 plush/fabric toys she has never ripped apart. She’s obsessed with the squeaker in this, which is why I’m surprised he’s still in one piece-we’ve even played tug of war with him a time or two. Solid toy for the price- two years later I have no regrets.” – Jessica Larson

12. It's important to make sure that your four-legged friends are taken care of. If you're looking for a new toy for your pup, the Plush Dog Toy is a great choice! This adorable toy will make your dog happy in more ways than one. Not only does this plush lamb look super cute and cuddly, but it also provides hours of entertainment with its squeaker inside. The fabric material is soft on the paws and perfect for snuggling up with when relaxing or even sleeping.

Shop on Amazon: Multipet Plush Dog Toy

5-Star Review: “The Lamb, the legend! Lambchop immediately became Oliver's favorite toy the moment she was out of the box. It was love at first sight. She is the perfect size for a Standard Schnauzer. Super soft.... Oliver has a few toys that are close ties for his favorite. Since Lambchop arrived she is the toy he wants to play with the most. This is second one I've bought. There was nothing wrong with the first one, she went with Oliver for a sleepover and didn't return. When this new one was delivered he hit off with the new Lamb like no time had passed siince he saw the last one.” -matte

13. The Rope Dog Chew Toys are an all-natural, non-toxic way to keep your dog happy and engaged in 2023. The toy is made of natural fibers knit together into a multi-textured chew, which encourages active play and helps promote dental hygiene. The rope toy also has a cheddar cheese scent that will entice even the most discerning of dogs. And best of all, these toys are designed for moderate to heavy chewers who need something more durable than regular dog toys.

Shop on Amazon: The Playology Rope Dog Chew Toys

5-Star Review: “Bella is a persistent chewer and usually ruins her toys. So far, this chew toy has withstood the test. She has had many toys that advertise they are sturdy enough for chewers but this is the only one that she hasn’t been able to destroy! I’ll. Buy more from this company.” – Nancy Angus

14. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is the perfect toy for any pup who loves to play. This interactive toy makes fun giggle sounds when your dog rolls or shakes it, making playtime irresistible. Pets know best and now you can give your pup the ultimate experience with this As Seen On TV product.

Shop on Amazon: Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

5-Star Review: “I was hesitate to buy this toy for my Goldendoodle Jackson but SO glad I did! WOW! He loves it and plays by himself until he is exhusted. It took a couple of play times for him to get used to it. But after that he took right up to it. I'll be in anoher room and hear it knowing he is having fun. It is so fun to watch him play with this thing. There is something about the noise it makes that just intrigues him. He is playing with it as I'm writing this review. If you want a fun toy for your dog BUY THIS! I'm sure he would agree that it's his best Christmas gift ever!!” – G. Tulsa

15. The Dog Chew Toy is sure to make your dog happy in 2023. This long-lasting chew toy is perfect for aggressive chewers, as it’s made of tough nylon and real bacon flavor. It’s highly durable and can withstand even the most intense chewing sessions. The Wishbone also has deep grooves that help clean your pup's teeth while they play with it. Its ergonomic shape allows them to easily pick up and carry the toy around. Plus, this product is proudly made in the USA so you can trust its quality and safety standards. Best of all, dogs love it because of its unique shape as well as its delicious bacon flavor!

Shop on Amazon: Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

5-Star Review: “I bought 3 of these as we’ve 2 GSD’s they had 1 of these from a pet store and always wanted it. So I went looking for 1 for Christmas and found this deal on buying extra. I wish i had bought a case! They are fantastic! Larger than expected and the under 90lbs is actually big for our adult GSD’s but they love them! Big, high quality and USA what’s not to love! Definitely will be buying more!” – V Glasgrow

16. Say goodbye to your pet’s anxiety and stress in 2023 with Calming Collar. This collar is designed to last up to 60 days, which makes it perfect for long-term relief from anxiousness or stress. The product is 25 inches long and adjustable so it can fit dogs of all sizes comfortably. It also has a breakaway design that ensures the safety of your precious pooch if ever the collar gets caught on something.

Shop on Amazon: Dogs Pheromones Calming Collar 3 Packs

5-Star Review: “I was a little skeptical when I ordered this product but our foster dog was so crazy I was willing to try anything to see if it would help! She struggles with extreme separation anxiety and will cry and whimper anytime we would leave the room. From day one when we put this on her we could see she was a different dog. She is super chill and calm and we can actually sleep in different rooms. She still cries on occasion but it’s no longer a constant thing. I highly recomend this! It really works” – bianca

17. 2023 is the year you should make your beloved dog happy. What better way to shower your pet with love than to get them a Sleeping Bag? This sleeping bag is designed for extra large or large dogs, so even bigger breeds will be comfortable and warm when they curl up. The bag is made of waterproof material, meaning it can easily be used outdoors in any weather condition without worry. It also comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to take along while camping or traveling so that your pup can have the same comfortable spot wherever they go.

Shop on Amazon: Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping Bag

5-Star Review: “Bought for my new puppy and she loves to burrow down inside the bag, it keeps her warm and comfortable. Very easy to clean comes out looking brand new after washing. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a dog” – L. Rizio

18. 2023 is the year to make your dog happy! The Orthopedic Dog Bed offers a comfortable, cozy place for your pup to rest throughout the day. This orthopedic bed is made with high-quality memory foam that conforms to your pet's body weight and shape while providing superior comfort and support. For added convenience, its removable cover is machine washable so you can always keep it looking new. Plus, its donut design provides a secure feeling of safety while the raised rim creates a sense of security and encourages your pet's natural nesting instinct. Give your furry friend the best in 2023 with this premium dog bed!

Shop on Amazon: MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable

5-Star Review: “Well, I’ll be buying an additional bed for Lola for our bedroom upstairs. The pic is from her jumping on her new bed as soon as we come downstairs this morning. She loves it! Helpful hint: the bed arrives vacuum packed with instructions to “inflate” the bedding material. Just take a few minutes or 5 to rub and massage the entire bed in order to “inflate” the material to its proper form and fluff. Enjoy!” – Amazon Customer

19. The Dog Feeding Mat is specifically designed to make your pup feel as happy and fulfilled as possible in 2023. This interactive pet activity mat is made of durable materials that can withstand any pawing or chewing from your furry friend. It’s a great way to get your pup engaged with the world around them, allowing them to use their natural foraging skills and relieve stress. The snuffle mat comes with a non slip base, ensuring that it won’t move away when your dog is playing and exploring the various pieces of treats hidden inside the mat. The fabric also helps keep their nails trimmed and clean while providing hours of entertainment for bored pups who need an outlet for their energy. With this mat, you can give your dog the stimulation they need while encouraging good behaviour at the same time!

Shop on Amazon: IFOYO Dog Feeding Mat

5-Star Review: “This is a great interactive feeder for pups. I have two golden doodle puppies and found that it gives them a novel experience for meals, slows them down a bit, and they enjoy it a LOT! It is made of fleece or felt so if you have a dog that likes to eat or heavily chew fabrics this might not be a good choice. There are about 7 different kibble hiding options. I found that my pups are most challenged and enjoy the larger rows of fringed fabric. I would recommend this especially for pupps or smaller dogs. A bigger and sturdier version would be better for bigger mature dogs... if available.” – Susan Ferrari

20. When it comes to making your dog happy in 2023, you can’t go wrong with the Inflatable Dog Cone Collar. This soft collar offers a comfortable and secure fit for dogs of all sizes, giving them room to move without worrying about chafing or irritation. It is designed to look like a donut, providing an alternative to the traditional cone-style collars that are often seen on cats and dogs. With this inflatable option, you can keep your furry friend safe while still allowing them some freedom of movement.

Shop on Amazon: Super Inflatable Dog Cone Collar

5-Star Review: “Getting ready for our little shih tzu's neutering and this donut should be perfect! It's very light and he doesn't seem to hate it (lots of treats might have helped that). It was easy to inflate and very cute.” – A. McCain

21. Families looking to make their furry family members happy in 2023 can do so with the Towel Collection. The absorbent microfiber towels, measuring 41x23.5 inches, come in a stylish gray color embroidered with an attractive pattern that matches any décor. The extra-large size is ideal for both large and small breeds, allowing owners to easily give their dogs a quick rub down after baths or walks outside on rainy days.

Shop on Amazon: Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection

5-Star Review: “I have had this towel for a while now and love it! I use it every day because it's very humid here and wet every morning. So after my dogs out in the morning, I put the towel in my lap, she jumps up into my lap and I dry her off. The towel then hangs to dry and drys quickly. Has held up great after daily use for months.” – Carolyn

22. Welcome to 2023, the year of making your dog happy! The Dog Splash Pad is a sure-fire way to make any pup content with its 67 inch anti-slip pool. This durable 0.55 mm thickened bath pool is perfect for the summer months and outdoor water play. It's the most fun way to keep your dog cool in the hot days ahead and will be sure to bring years of enjoyment for both you and your beloved family pet.

Shop on Amazon: Raxurt Dog Splash Pad

5-Star Review: “My dog loved this! I was worried about toenails punching it, but if that happened it wasn't an issue. Looking forward to using it again next year.” – PW

23. With the Dog Pool, you can make sure your pup stays cool during summer. This high quality pet pool is made of durable PVC material and measures 30.5 inches in diameter. It's easy to set up with no tools required and features a convenient drain plug which allows you to easily empty any excess water after use. Plus, it comes with a detachable carry bag so you can take it along on your next outdoor adventure!

Shop on Amazon: PETMAKER Dog Pool

5-Star Review: “We LOVE that you don't have to inflate this pool! It is easy to transport and our Yorkie has a blast cooling off while playing with her goldfish! Sturdy materials make it easy for her to either jump the sides or press down with her paws to enter!!” – Amazon Customer

Keeping your dog happy in 2023 doesn't have to be complicated. By adding these 23 things you can ensure your pup will be content and healthy throughout the year. Don’t forget to provide plenty of love and attention, as that is often the most important factor for a happy dog. Schedule regular vet appointments and make sure you’re up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and preventative treatments like flea/tick medications.

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