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How to Wear a Bodysuit: 10 Fresh Outfit Ideas for Every Modern Woman!

Get inspired with these 10 outfit ideas and add the versatile bodysuit to your wardrobe rotation! Perfect for any occasion, from laid-back hangs to fancier affairs, this one-piece wonder is a must-have favorite.

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outfit ideas with bodysuits
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Fashion trends may come and go, but the bodysuit has proven to be a versatile and enduring wardrobe staple. Why, you ask? Imagine a day when you can completely bypass the 'to tuck or not to tuck' conundrum that haunts your morning dress-up routine. Picture yourself slipping into a seamless bodysuit that fits like a second skin, instantly solving the age-old problem of achieving that perfect, polished tuck. That's the power of the bodysuit.

Bodysuits bring a level of simplicity to your style without compromising on fashion. Whether as a sleek base layer for a layered look or as a standalone statement piece, bodysuits can adapt to suit any style, any occasion. And let's not forget about their wide-ranging variety. From mesh to lace, long-sleeved to short-sleeved, there's a bodysuit for every mood, every look.

classy bodysuit outfits, long sleeve bodysuit outfit ideas

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of bodysuits, exploring their endless potential. We'll cover how to style a bodysuit with various outfits, the right accessories to enhance your look, and practical tips on how to wear a bodysuit for different events. Think of this as your go-to guide to mastering bodysuit styling, equivalent to finding your favorite pair of jeans or the perfect little black dress. Welcome to the effortless world of bodysuits, where style and comfort coexist harmoniously.

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These guides are sure to inspire you to experiment with bodysuits in your everyday fashion.

How to Wear a Bodysuit?

black bodysuit outfit ideas

Getting into a bodysuit might seem simple, but the key to pulling off this versatile piece lies in some crucial details. First things first, picking the right underwear is essential. Look for seamless styles or consider going for specialty undergarments like thongs to avoid visible lines.

When it comes to choosing a bodysuit for your body type, remember there's a style for everyone. High-cut bodysuits work wonders for lengthening legs, while a V-neck option can flatter those with a fuller bust. Don't shy away from trying different cuts and styles until you find your perfect match.

white bodysuit outfit

Comfort is king with bodysuits. Opt for materials that feel good on your skin and suit the weather. Cotton or jersey bodysuits are excellent for casual, everyday wear, while a satin or lace bodysuit can add an extra layer of sophistication for more formal events.

party bodysuit outfit

Now, let's talk about scenarios. If you're heading to a casual outing, a simple T-shirt bodysuit paired with your favorite jeans is a fail-safe option. For summer parties or beach outings, a bright-colored or patterned bodysuit can make a striking statement, especially when paired with breezy shorts or a maxi skirt. For formal events, think along the lines of a structured, long-sleeved bodysuit paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt or tailored trousers. The beauty of the bodysuit is its adaptability, so don't be afraid to experiment and make it your own.

Styling a Bodysuit

bodysuit jeans outfit

Styling a bodysuit may seem daunting, but with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless. Let's explore some popular combinations that not only complement the bodysuit but also elevate your overall look.

As you're learning to master the art of styling a bodysuit, don't miss out on this fantastic resource. Check out this video by style guru Valeria Lipovetsky. Valeria's expert guidance and practical tips will help you embrace the bodysuit trend with flair and confidence. So head over to her video below to get a healthy dose of bodysuite fashion inspiration!

5 Ways | How To Style Bodysuit by Valeria Lipovetsky.
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Our 10 Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

From casual everyday looks to dressier evening ensembles, these ideas will inspire you to reimagine the ways you can style a bodysuit. So, without further ado, dive in and check out our handpicked outfit combinations to elevate your bodysuit game. You're just one step away from owning your style with confidence!

⬇️ 10. The Ultimate Summer Ensemble: Bodysuit with Shorts

bodysuit with shorts outfit
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The pairing of a bodysuit with shorts is a quintessential summer combo that exudes both comfort and style. So how do you wear a bodysuit with shorts? It's all about embracing the warmth of the season while keeping your comfort paramount. Start with a breathable piece like this black mesh bodysuit. Its transparent allure and snug fit make it a perfect match for the timeless high-waisted jeans shorts. This duo blends the sleek sophistication of a bodysuit with the casual coolness of denim shorts, offering a versatile outfit base.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with shorts? The key here is to keep it playful and fun. For a day at the beach or an outdoor concert, pair this combo with Sam Edelman thong sandals for a relaxed, breezy feel. Accessorize with a colorful straw hat, like the Lanzom hat to keep the sun at bay while adding a pop of color to your outfit. Carry your essentials in a playful tote bag, such as the BAGGU Duck Bag, which not only offers practicality but also adds a fun element to your ensemble.

For a more sophisticated look, switch the sandals for a pair of espadrille wedges, and swap the tote for a chic crossbody bag. Add some dainty jewelry - think layered necklaces or charm bracelets - to elevate your outfit. Whether you're enjoying a beach day, heading to a music festival, or just out for a casual stroll in the city, a bodysuit paired with shorts creates a chic, vibrant base for a variety of summer looks.

⬇️ 9. Classic with a Twist: Bodysuit with Jeans

bodysuit and jeans
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There's a certain magic in simplicity, and the bodysuit with jeans combo brings that charm to life. So how do you wear a bodysuit with jeans? It's all about balancing comfort, fit, and personal style. Start with a versatile piece like the OQQ bodysuit. Its snug fit and breathable fabric make it a perfect match for the timeless high rise skinny jeans. This duo marries comfort and style seamlessly, offering a canvas for you to express your unique fashion sense.

But how do you style a bodysuit with jeans? That's where the fun begins. Consider your destination and the vibe you're aiming for. For a casual day out, pair this combo with white sneakers, like the classic Adidas Stan Smith, for a sporty yet chic look. Layer it with a denim jacket for those breezy days and complete the ensemble with a minimalist crossbody bag, like the Fossil Fiona small crossbody purse.

For a more polished look, switch the sneakers for a pair of heeled booties, like the Clarks boots, and add a statement belt to cinch your waist. Throw in some accessories - think hoop earrings or a delicate pendant necklace - to elevate your outfit. Whether you're heading out for coffee, a concert, or a casual work day, a bodysuit paired with jeans provides a chic, versatile base for endless styling possibilities.

⬇️ 8. Bold and Sporty: Bodysuit with Leggings

can you wear a bodysuit with leggings
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Dive into the world of athleisure and stand out in the crowd with a bodysuit and leggings combo. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with leggings? Start with an eye-catching piece with an asymmetrical design and neon hue to make a statement, especially when paired with the high-waisted pattern leggings. This duo offers a balance of bold colors and dynamic patterns, perfect for those who love to make a fashion statement.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with leggings? For a sporty look, complete the outfit with Adidas cloudfoam running Shoe, which offers both comfort and style. Accessorize with a sleek pair of sunglasses and a neon fanny pack to carry your essentials, perfect for concerts or city tours.

Want to elevate the look for an evening out? Swap the trainers for a pair of classic black heels, like the Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps. Layer with a leather jacket, such as the Lock and Love jacket, to add an edge to your outfit. The combination of the one-shoulder bodysuit, patterned leggings, black heels, and a leather jacket creates a bold, dynamic ensemble that's perfect for any event, day or night.

⬇️ 7. Feminine and Chic: Bodysuit with Skirt

bodysuit with skirt outfit
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Embrace your feminine charm and dive into the world of sophistication with a bodysuit and skirt combo. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a skirt? Start with a piece that exudes elegance like the Allegra K bodysuit. Its delicate lace and high neck make a statement, especially when paired with the silk mini skirt. This duo marries delicate lace and luxurious silk, creating an outfit that is both elegant and captivating.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with a skirt? It's all about embracing femininity and class. Pair this combo with Dream Pairs low heel pumps for a chic, refined finish. Accessorize with a silk scarf tied around your neck or in your hair and a neutral clutch, like the Fossil clutch wallet, perfect for summer weddings or beach parties.

A note on how to wear underwear with a bodysuit and skirt combo: opt for seamless underwear or a thong to avoid visible panty lines. With this ensemble, comfort is just as important as style. The combination of a turtleneck bodysuit, silk mini skirt, strappy heels, and sophisticated accessories creates a classic, chic look that is both comfortable and stylish, perfect for any event.

⬇️ 6. Casual Meets Elegance: Bodysuit with Sweatpants

bodysuit and sweatpants outfit
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Merge the worlds of comfort and class with a bodysuit and sweatpants combo. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with sweatpants? Start with a versatile piece like the short sleeve bodysuit. Its sleek design and comfortable fit make it a perfect match for the cozy white jogger sweatpants. This duo is all about comfort without compromising on style, offering a stylish canvas for a laid-back look.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with sweatpants? For a casual yet stylish look, pair this combo with classic white sneakers, like the Adidas sneakers. Layer with a chunky cardigan for added warmth and style. Accessorize with a statement cuff bracelet, and a sporty backpack, such as the Fjallraven backpack, perfect for a relaxed travel day or a cozy concert experience.

A note on how to wear most bodysuits with sweatpants: make sure to choose a bodysuit that has a snug fit to balance the relaxed fit of the sweatpants. Also, opt for seamless underwear for optimal comfort and to avoid visible panty lines. This ensemble is the perfect blend of casual and elegant, proving that style doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

⬇️ 5. Sophisticated Edge: Bodysuit with Dress

dress with bodysuit
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Venture into a stylish new realm with a bodysuit and dress combo. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a dress? Start with a long sleeve bodysuit. Its sleek design and comfortable fit make it a perfect match for the floral print mesh dress. The contrast of the black bodysuit with the dress creates an outfit that is both edgy and sophisticated, perfect for those who love to experiment with their style.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with a dress? Embrace the unconventional and pair this combo with black ankle boots, like the Dr. Martens boots add a touch of rebellious charm to your ensemble. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat, such as the belt buckle fedora hat, and a statement bag, like the Michael Kors, to bring an extra level of chic to any summer event.

A note on how to wear your first bodysuit with a dress: Make sure to choose a bodysuit with a snug fit to ensure a sleek silhouette under your dress. Also, opt for seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines. With this ensemble, you can create an effortless outfit that is as unique as it is stylish, perfect for any event.

⬇️ 4. Redefining Cool: Bodysuit with Biker Shorts

biker shorts with bodysuit
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Transform your style with a bodysuit and biker shorts combo, a look that is both edgy and trendy. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with biker shorts? Begin with a daring piece like the mesh v neck bodysuit. Pair it with the high waist biker shorts to create a look that's as comfortable as it is stylish.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with biker shorts? Embrace the bold and pair this combo with chunky FILA Disruptor II sneakers, a nod to the 90s that keeps your outfit fresh and cool. Accessorize with a trendy fanny pack, like the Herschel Fourteen waist pack, and a pair of classic square polarized sunglasses, for the ultimate look at music festivals or a stylish city tour.

A note on how to wear a deep V neck bodysuit: consider using nipple covers or a bralette for extra coverage and comfort. This ensemble is all about redefining cool, proving that comfort and style can go hand in hand. Whether you're headed to a music festival or exploring the city, this look is a fashion-forward choice.

⬇️ 3. Elegant and Chic: Bodysuit with Pants

pants to wear with bodysuit
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Introduce a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with a bodysuit and pants combo. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with pants? Start with a sophisticated piece like the black lace bodysuit. This bodysuit, with its delicate lace and scalloped trim, is the perfect partner for the sleek wide-leg pants. This duo offers a balance of delicate details and structured form, creating an outfit that is both elegant and chic.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with pants? Embrace the elegance and pair this combo with a black shaggy jacket and Sam Edelman black pumps for a sophisticated finish. Accessorize with a minimalist clutch, and a dainty gold necklace, perfect for dinner dates or upscale evening events.

A note on how to wear a bodysuit with pants for different body shapes: opt for high-waisted pants to elongate the legs and create a flattering silhouette. Also, consider wearing a t-shirt or camisole under the lace bodysuit for extra coverage if desired. With this ensemble, you can create a sleek and stylish outfit that is as flattering as it is fashionable, perfect for any event.

⬇️ 2. Breaking the Mold: Bodysuit with Maxi Dress

sheer maxi dress with bodysuit
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Experiment with fashion norms by combining a bodysuit with a maxi dress. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a maxi dress? Start with a simple yet chic piece like the sleeveless bodysuit. This sleeveless bodysuit is a perfect match for the see-through maxi dress, creating an unconventional pairing that is both unique and trendy.

So, how do you style a bodysuit with a maxi dress? Embrace the bold and pair this duo with lace-up kitten heel sandals, for a breezy, summer feel. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed straw hat, and a statement bag. These accessories add an extra layer of style to your ensemble, making it perfect for a beach party or a casual summer wedding.

This ensemble is all about breaking the mold, proving that fashion rules are meant to be played with. Be ready to turn heads at your next summer event with this unique and trendy outfit.

⬇️ 1. Embrace Your Inner Diva: Lace Bodysuit with Jeans

bodysuit outfits with jeans, favorite jeans
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Unleash your fashionable side with a lace bodysuit and jeans combo. Wondering how to wear a lace bodysuit with jeans? Start with a bold piece like the Lilosy lace-up bodysuit. This bodysuit, with its intricate lace detailing, pairs perfectly with your favorite shaping skinny jeans. This combination is all about confidence and style, blending the delicate allure of lace with the timeless appeal of denim.

So, how do you style a lace bodysuit with jeans? Tie the look together with a pair of chic ankle boots and a leather jacket. Accessorize with a statement belt, a delicate pendant necklace, and cross-body bag, to complete this effortlessly chic look.

If you're looking for classy bodysuit outfits with jeans, this ensemble is a great starting point. Perfect for date nights or an evening concert, this look embraces your inner diva and ensures you'll turn heads wherever you go. The combination of a lace bodysuit with jeans showcases your style and confidence, proving that your wardrobe can be as bold and unique as you are.

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Tips and Tricks for Wearing Bodysuits

pants bodysuit outfits

Bodysuits are a versatile wardrobe staple that can elevate your style game. However, to truly make the most out of your bodysuit, here are a few pro tips and tricks:

  1. Find Your Fit: Just like a good pair of jeans, the right fit is crucial when choosing a bodysuit. Try on different styles and sizes to see what flatters your body shape the most and gives you the highest level of comfort.
  2. Snap or Pull-on: Bodysuits come in two types - snap closures or pull-on styles. Snap closures allow for easier bathroom breaks, but pull-on styles offer a seamless look. Consider which is more important for you.
  3. Double-sided Fashion Tape: This is your secret weapon for wearing bodysuits. Use it to keep your bodysuit in place, prevent wardrobe malfunctions, and avoid any unwanted skin show.
  4. Underwear Matters: Seamless underwear or thongs are the best to avoid visible panty lines. Some bodysuits come with built-in underwear or are designed to be worn without any.
  5. Care for Your Bodysuit: Always check the care label before washing your bodysuit. Most of them are delicate and require hand washing or need to be washed in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle. Never wring out a bodysuit to dry; instead, lay it flat to prevent stretching.
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Final Thoughts

Embracing the bodysuit trend doesn't have to be a daunting task. As we've explored in this guide, bodysuits are an incredibly versatile fashion staple that can be styled in myriad ways to suit any occasion. Whether paired with classic jeans for a comfortable yet chic outfit or worn under a vibrant maxi dress for a unique look, a bodysuit is a true wardrobe game-changer.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself. Don't be afraid to mix and match, experiment with different accessories, and most importantly, have fun with your style!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have a favorite bodysuit outfit from our list? Or perhaps you have your own unique way of styling a bodysuit. Feel free to share in the comments section below or ask any questions you might have.

For more fashion inspiration and style guides, be sure to check out our other blog posts. Happy styling!

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